ANANDA Scientific Initiates Human Clinical Trial for Liquid Structure™ CBD Formulation

ANANDA Scientific, a clinical-stage biotech company that is trailblazing patented delivery technologies for cannabinoids and other plant-derived compounds, announced today that it has initiated its first human clinical trial for its Nano-Sized Self-assembled Liquid Structure™ CBD Formulation. This human clinical trial is designed to assess the bioavailability and safety of ANANDA’s unique and innovative Nano-Sized Self-assembled Liquid Structure™ CBD formulation which uses technology licensed from Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) Ltd. and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

“The commencement of this trial marks a major milestone in ANANDA’s mission to bring a truly efficacious and effective CBD product to the market to address therapeutic targets of significant public health,” said Mark J. Rosenfeld, M.S., Ph.D., ANANDA Scientific’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer. “We are thrilled to be working with our partners at an unprecedented pace to be at the forefront of achieving meaningful evidence-based treatments using this groundbreaking delivery technology.”

ANANDA is one of the leading companies in pioneering high-caliber human clinical work evaluating therapeutic targets for cannabinoids. This study, being conducted at the Hadassah Medical Hospital in Israel, under approval of the hospital’s Ethics Committee and the Israeli Ministry of Health, is designed to develop data in support of U.S. drug approval.

“This clinical trial is a critical step in advancing the applications of this patented delivery knowhow that delivers CBD efficiently into the bloodstream,” said Professor Nissim Garti, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Lyotropic Delivery Systems (LDS) Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel, the inventor of the Nano-Sized Self-assembled Liquid Structure™ Technology.

Upon successful completion of this study, Ananda intends to move as quickly as possible into additional human clinical trials to assess the efficacy of Ananda’s CBD Liquid Structure™ Technology in the treatment of pain, initially in patients with diabetic neuropathy and later for other indications as well.


ANANDA is a research-focused biotech company that employs patented delivery technologies to make cannabinoids and other plant-derived compounds highly bioavailable, water-soluble and with long shelf-life stability. The focus is to produce premium-quality and effective nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. ANANDA is pursuing human clinical trials for pharmaceutical approval, using unique technology to address therapeutic targets of tremendous public health importance. Consistent with its strong research-based data, the company also has a growing pipeline of nutraceutical over-the-counter products. The company has successfully launched these products in the U.S. and the U.K., with expansion into additional markets such as the EU, China, Australia and Africa planned for the near future. The company is expanding its research base through multiple sponsored research agreements with universities to diversify its technology portfolio.

Source: ANANDA Scientific