Ananda Professional Expands Production Capabilities to Include Gummy Formats & Granted Patent for Their Proprietary Method for Producing Hemp Extract

In an effort to enhance manufacturing capabilities, Ananda Professional now produces gummy format products in-house, with the ability to produce beyond cannabinoid-only based products. This new capability comes on the heels of a recently granted patent for their proprietary method for producing hemp extract.

Ananda Professional Headquarters

Ananda Professional has begun the first release of their highly anticipated gummy products produced in their cGMP-certified production facility.  This capability evolved from the demand for transparency and quality in gummy manufacturing.  

"We've searched and partnered with manufacturers for years and have been disappointed in the ability to source a consistent gummy product that we can trust. Through that, we decided to bring production in-house where we can control the outcomes and quality," said Alex Nance, President of Ananda Health.

This innovative approach to formulation and extraction comes on the heels of the parent company of Ananda, Ecofibre, receiving notice that its patent for their proprietary method of producing hemp extract will be granted. This patented hemp extract will be utilized throughout all products Ananda Professional manufactures, including tinctures, softgels, gummies, cosmetics and topicals.

The first release of gummies comes from the Ananda Professional line of products. These gummies are groundbreaking for the industry due to their innovative, condition-specific cannabinoid formulations blended with clinically tested, functional ingredients. The expertise of Ananda's production team seamlessly delivers consistent dosing in a flavorful format that has historically been a challenge across the industry. 

With low minimum order quantities, Ananda Professional's ability to produce high-quality gummy format supplements, a patented extraction process, industry-leading formulations, in a cGMP-certified, LEED-platinum manufacturing facility is driving a number of supplement brands to seek contract manufacturing opportunities with Ananda. 

"We look at all aspects of the product and process to ensure that every person is receiving a product that is consistent and will produce the desired outcome day after day," said Alex Nance.

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About Ananda Professional - Ananda Professional has been a pioneer in the Hemp and Cannabinoid industry since 1996, with a core focus on improving patient outcomes.  

Top-quality seed genetics, a team of clinical formulators and a state-of-the-art production facility lead Ananda Professional to be the most trusted brand by practitioners, pharmacists and patients. 

Source: Ananda Professional