AnalogX Announces 40G Sub 2pJ/bit Ultra Low Power SerDes in 22nm Platform

AnalogX, the leading provider of low power multi-standard connectivity SerDes IP solutions, today announces the availability of its silicon proven 1-40G 22 nm SERDES platform consuming less than 2pJ/bit. This SerDes IP supports 5G radio needs such as JESD204, CPRI and also support PCIe, CXL, CCIX, Ethernet applications. It is designed to pass automotive design rules and suitable for use in LEO (low orbit space) communication applications.  AnalogX is the market leader in ultra low power SERDES IP, serving the chiplet and chip-interconnect market using organic substrate (no silicon interposer required) with 16nm, 12nm, 7 nm, 6 nm and now 22nm technology.

"We are very excited to announce our 40Gb/s 22nm product to be used in the most demanding application optimized for ultra low power, latency, and error rates for chiplets and chip-chip applications," said Robert Wang, CEO of AnalogX. "Now customers have the option to design in 100G ethernet (4x25G), PCIe Gen 5, CXL, or proprietary solutions for low latency applications in a variety of technology nodes with faster time to market and greater flexibility."

"We are excited to work with AnalogX on this latest process offering as we bring Chip-to-Chip and Die-to-Die interface technology main stream along with our HBM PHY and Controller subsystem on leading process nodes. Our low latency Ethernet and Interlaken controllers further enhances the integrated solution for various applications," said Mohit Gupta, SVP & GM SoC IP BU, OpenFive.

"PLDA welcomes the announcement of the AnalogX 22nm PHY platform," says Paul Karazuba, vice president of marketing at PLDA. "The use of the AnalogX 22nm PHY with PLDA's PCIe and CXL controllers provides chip architects a power and performance-optimized solution for the most demanding applications."

AnalogX is positioned to be the worldwide leader in low power interconnect and extends its leadership with the first 1-40G low power platform in 22nm. AnalogX welcomes additional players and partners as we all move forward as technology leaders in innovation.

Press Contact: Kash Johal,

Source: AnalogX inc.