AnaChart is Set to Democratize the Equity Research Market by Identifying the Best Stock Analysts for Each Company

AnaChart, an innovative Fintech startup company, is set to democratize the equity research market by identifying who the best stock analysts are for each company

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AnaChart, an innovative Fintech startup company, is exiting its stealth mode with an intent to disrupt the equity research industry. AnaChart democratizes the equity research market through "radical transparency"[1] by identifying who the best stock analysts are for each company. 

Currently, there is a lack of transparency in the stock research industry, with limited access to equity research reports. For the select individuals who do have access to the reports, there is no transparency or track record of how accurate the analyst had been while covering the stock. Self-directed investors have no way of knowing the analysts' accuracy of recommendations and price guidance. AnaChart solves this problem by using its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to sort stock analysts' price guidance against the stocks' actual performance to determine and demonstrate the accuracy of these recommendations. AnaChart then rates each analyst's stock guidance accuracy through its proprietary algorithm and then parses, using machine learning, each analyst's track record based on their accuracy. 

The data that AnaChart provides its users with is a competitive edge in determining the potential accuracy of future analysts' stock guidance. AnaChart users are able to see who the best analysts are that cover a particular stock and how accurate their public stock predictions have been. The users will then be able to use that data to assess future accuracy of the analysts' recommendations. This "radical transparency" displays this big data in a simple and concise dashboard for AnaChart users.     

AnaChart CEO Joseph Kalish states, "We just set the bar higher when it comes to transparency in the equity research market by giving self-directed investors the ability to actually see who are the best analysts with a proven successful track record to match for each stock. With our ability to analyze and display big data, our users can focus on analysts that have proved themselves to give relevant advice before the stock actually moved and within a relevant time span."  

About AnaChart: Launched in 2020, AnaChart is a platform dedicated to help investors with their stock research by providing relevant context on financial news. AnaChart is the only website in the industry that shows previous as well as current price targets and ratings on a timeline per analyst per stock.

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[1] Radical Transparency is a term coined by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater to encourage an open and honest dialogue, allowing the best thinking to prevail.

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