An Introduction to the Non-Profit Organization NCD Asia

NCD Asia is a non-profit organization working in the field of healthcare. It has its objective as providing education on non-communicable disease to people.

A non-profit organization is documenting non-communicable diseases spreading in Asian continent. The organization is working in the developing economies where people are fighting a lost battle against pollution and global warming.

NCD Asia is doing a good job in improving life and living conditions of people living in developing countries. Unhygienic living conditions and wrong habits of food and work are making people vulnerable to lifestyle related problems like diabetes and obesity. Also they are vulnerable to development related problems that are cancer and asthma.

NCD Asia

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“Governments of over a dozen nations are members of this non-profit organization and also involve civil society groups and research scholars in its fight against the diseases. Its job is to collect data from grass root level and analyze data to find cause of the problems”, said a research scholar.

The organization publishes research papers and journals for governments and enlightened citizens. Objective of NCD Asia is to arm and aware people of the problems. Information is the only weapon for non-communicable diseases. When you know how to prevent cancer, you can make your life safe from this life threatening disease.

The research papers and journals published on the website of the organization are open to all. Anyone can see what the research says and where the research is headed for. The research shows causes for problems and possible treatment for the diseases. Also it highlights gravity of the diseases.

“There are some areas that are witnessing more cancer related deaths than others. It is due to contaminated water and soil. Research shows that untreated industrial waste is drained in the water bodies from where it enters into the food chain and causes cancer and other chronic ailments. NCD Asia is of the opinion that by treating industrial waste, these deaths can be checked”, the research scholar maintained.

Research is being done in specific fields to diagnose the problem, gravity of the issues, probable reasons for the problem and solutions. There are many research scholars associated with the organizations and together all the scholars are doing a commendable job.

NCD Asia is a premier non-profit organization working in the field of healthcare. It doesn’t provide medical facilities but it works as a lighthouse for governments. Its real objective is to spread awareness about disease and prepare people for a healthy life. Funds for research and journals come from governments and civil society and the group invites every researcher and every scholar to contribute his work.   


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