AMZAlert Launches Latest Version of Amazon Seller Software

AMZAlert, one of the top Amazon Seller Software options available, launches upgraded software for new and old users to help meet the growing needs of Amazon sellers.

AMZAlert Dashboard

AMZAlert, one of the best monitoring softwares for Amazon sellers, just launched the latest version of their well-known Amazon seller software. The long-anticipated upgrade brings a myriad of new features to sellers to help them run their Amazon businesses more efficiently across the board.  ​

One of the most anticipated updates includes the overhauled Amazon cease and desist letter automation feature. The updated feature makes it easier than ever to combat the increasing number of hijackers on Amazon.

This new system has been a long time coming but we can assure you that it is well worth the wait.

Steve Eilers

CEO of AMZAlert

"We are very excited to announce that our new AMZAlert system has just been launched," said Steve Eilers, CEO of AMZAlert. "This new system has been a long time coming but we can assure you that it is well worth the wait. We have even revamped our Cease and Desist feature to make it have 100% success rate of reaching sellers. No more annoying leeches or hijackers!"

Other new features of the upgraded AMZAlert software include:

  • Clean Dashboard: Redesigned to be fast, clean, and mobile-friendly
  • Worklist Option: Easy to add open alerts to a to-do style work-list
  • Bullet Point & Description Monitoring: Alerts on your ASIN's bullet points and descriptions
  • MAP Monitoring/Price Alerts: Check prices or competitors pricing in real-time and get alerts of MAP pricing violations.
  • Add-On Product Monitoring: Alerts when products are marked as an add-on item
  • Bulk Edit & Import: Easily change the monitoring settings for hundreds of ASIN's at a time. Ability to import products in seconds with the bulk importer. 
  • Custom Alert Assignments: Assign certain types of alerts to go to different email addresses/departments

As a whole, the new AMZAlert software cuts down FALSE alerts by over 99% and the software is faster than ever.

All of these new features are in addition to the more than 15 other features the Amazon monitoring software has, including:

  • Automatic Comments on Negative Reviews
  • Product Suppressions/Take Down Alerts
  • Best Seller Rank (BSR) Changes
  • Product Keyword Ranking Changes
  • Negative Reviews
  • And More!

If you are an Amazon seller and you are not using AMZAlert to monitor your ASIN's, now is the time to sign up. AMZAlert offers 3 basic packages, but you can customize your own as well using the new custom package calculator.

AMZAlert is a top-rated Amazon monitoring software that monitors ASINS to buy box hijackers, product suppressions, bad reviews, deleted reviews, and more. AMZAlert is known for their Automatic Cease and Desist messages to Amazon hijackers. Having an Amazon seller software is crucial for Amazon sellers to turn parts of their business on autopilot to save time and focus on other areas of the Amazon store. To start your free trial or learn more about AMZAlert, visit

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