Amplo Global Announces Productized Design Thinking Solution

AmploFly4.0DT Provides Organization with Virtual End-to End Approach to Innovation with a New Way to Do Design Thinking

AmploGlobal4.0DT is a smarter way of doing strategic Design Thinking

Amplo Global Inc announced today that its latest offering, AmploFly4.0DTis now available to organizations committed to understanding users, challenging assumptions, redefining problems and creating innovative solutions to prototype and test.  

AmploFly4.0DT augments the design thinking process in ways never before possible. Virtual in nature, user-friendly in design, this AI-supported cloud-based platform welcomes greater input throughout the process and can address and tackle multiple problems or opportunities simultaneously. It concludes with enhanced road mapping, a stage often overlooked in traditional design thinking.

Anirban Bhattacharyya, Amplo Global Co-Founder and its CEO, cited the Harvard Business Review’s determination that “Design thinking provides a structured process that helps innovators break free of counterproductive tendencies that thwart innovation.” He added, “Our unique customizable solution encourages stakeholder input, ideation, and prototyping in the setting that the participants find most productive. Our integrated roadmapping simulation feature encourages implementation and allows for a commitment to continuous improvement."  

Interest in this unique productized solution for design thinking implementation has been strong ever since its sister offering, AmploFly4.0, was released earlier this year. “Organizations everywhere are recognizing that design thinking is critical to unleashing the ideation that drives true innovation. Our unique solution maximizes all the stages of the process from empathy to prototyping to roadmapping and implementation. It promises to be a game-changer for those savvy enough to make it a key component of their digital transformation journey to achieve 4.0 efficiencies,” Bhattacharyya concluded.



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About Amplo Global Inc.

Amplo Global Inc is an AI-driven company committed to empowering an organization to take control of its future in today’s ever-changing digital world. Their proprietary, cloud-based, data-led and design-led platform enables a business to self-direct its strategy in a quantifiable manner, improve interconnectivity, achieve greater information transparency, reimagine its value chain, refine its customer/supplier relationships and recharge its company culture. Amplo Global Inc, founded in 2018, is headquartered in New Jersey but has associates and partners throughout the globe, including Europe, India and Singapore.

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Amplo Global Inc. is an AI-driven company committed to empowering organizations to take control of their future through its proprietary, cloud-based, data and design-led strategy platform.

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