AmplioSpeech and CompuClaim Partner to Boost Special Education Outcomes and Reimbursement

The partnership enables school districts to benefit from digital special education, increased reimbursement, and a seamless billing process.

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AmplioSpeech, a leading provider of K-12 digital special education technology and services, and CompuClaim, a leading provider of billing and compliance systems, announce their partnership today.

Through this strategic partnership, school districts will benefit from increased reimbursement just a click away, while intensifying special education by harnessing the powers of modern technology.

AmplioSpeech and CompuClaim will promote the joint solution, where documentation is automatically generated and validated, and Medicaid is automatically billed accordingly.

"Medicaid fuels special education with generous reimbursement," says Pam Katz, VP of Strategic Business Development for CompuClaim. "Our joint goal is to see these funds turn into high-quality intervention for students in need. This partnership will enable school districts to bill easily while boosting students' outcomes and progress."

"Many school districts recoup a small part of their special education costs, while others avoid billing altogether due to its complexity," says Eldar Aharonovich, COO for AmplioSpeech. "Integrating CompuClaim's billing system with the AmplioSpeech Special Education platform and methodology can substantially increase reimbursement for eligible students."

AmplioSpeech is devoted to maximizing student outcomes and empowering special educators, by delivering Digital Special Education to school districts and their special educators, students and their families, special education departments and administrators. Powered by an award-winning artificial intelligence technology, AmplioSpeech equips school districts with a platform that powers special education in the 21st century. For more information: 

CompuClaim is a leading provider of healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI), billing and compliance systems, and services that facilitate the connection between healthcare providers, state agencies, and electronic payers. CompuClaim's services have been chosen by public school districts, early intervention programs, statewide flu vaccine programs, medical practices, and other healthcare providers across the U.S. For more information:

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Pam Katz, VP of Strategic Business Development
Phone: 401-623-8468

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