ampliFI Loyalty Solutions Expands Real-Time Rewards Suite With the Addition of Checkout With Points

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Financial institution cardholder loyalty and engagement leader ampliFI Loyalty Solutions continues to innovate cardholder engagement, expanding its real-time rewards suite to include the launch of an innovative new real-time program, Checkout With Points. The program launches initially with CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, and Schnucks, with additional retailers launching with the new and growing program in Q4 of 2022.

Checkout With Points gives cardholders the advantage of immediate convenience, redeeming their points to save right at the register via a simple process. Cardholders just need to purchase at participating retailers, select the offer to redeem rewards, and instantly save.

"ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is excited to be leading reward payment innovation and expanding our real-time redemption suite to include Checkout With Points," says Mike Knoop, Chief Executive Officer of ampliFI Loyalty Solutions. "We take pride in our ability to engage and delight today's consumers and deliver impact and positive growth metrics in spend and customer retention to our clients. We are continuing to invest and advance the consumer redemption experience with real-time awards, offering our clients the technology, resources, and scale to meet their consumers where they are versus asking them to go to a website to redeem."

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions' real-time rewards provide financial institutions with the technology and scalable resources to engage cardholders at the point of sale. The company's real-time redemption suite allows cardholders to spend, earn and redeem, driving revenue growth and increased brand awareness for financial partners.  

Participating cardholders with enough points to qualify for a redemption receive a real-time notification through an omnichannel loyalty platform. When cardholders redeem their points, partner financial institutions can reinforce the value and benefits of their loyalty program to the cardholder and tie that experience back to their brand. Because the entire experience has been delivered via innovative technology, the experience is simplified for both the financial institution and the cardholder.

The expansion and popularity of real-time rewards reflect ever-changing consumers' preferences and behavior. According to, consumers are reacting "differently to discounts versus cash back, and that's a vital distinction in 2022." ampliFI Loyalty Solutions' real-time redemption suite, which includes Fuel With Points, Pay With Points, and now Checkout With Points, meets the expectations of the modern consumer by making credit and debit card point redemption accessible, immediate and convenient. 

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ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is a fast-growing, bank technology and data analytics company leading the market in loyalty solutions for banks and credit unions with assets between $1 billion and $50 billion. ampliFI’s proprietary technology tracks points earned by cardholders, delivers a comprehensive offering for point redemption, and provides robust data & analytics. ampliFI offers comprehensive and innovative redemption options including classic rewards (cash back, gift cards, travel and experience, event tickets, and merchandise), real-time rewards (Fuel With Points, Pay With Points, and Check Out with Points), and plans to launch wealth rewards. Through a fully customized, cloud-based solution that is API-driven, ampliFI allows issuing partners to drive business growth via tailored loyalty and engagement with their cardholders. ampliFI is Visa’s exclusive domestic provider for loyalty.

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