AMPAC USA provides safe drinking water with reverse osmosis systems, water filters and seawater desalination.

AMPAC USA provides advanced, cost-effective water treatment solutions and delivers safe drinking water globally with reverse osmosis systems, water filters and seawater desalination.

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - AMPAC USA delivers safe drinking water globally with reverse osmosis systems, water filters and seawater desalination. Since 1993, AMPAC USA has provided advance water treatment solutions, quality and cost-effective solutions yielding powerful solutions for all water treatment applications.

The AMPAC USA water filters, reverse osmosis systems and seawater desalination water treatment systems are available for use in a multitude of sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, seawater, pharmaceutical, military, international RO water treatment systems and more. According to AMPAC USA, "Somewhere in the world we've solved some of the toughest challenges without any comprises."

The reverse osmosis water filter arrives complete with installation hardware, faucet, storage tank and fittings. Your new system will be up and running within an hour or two after installation. A variety of options can be configured with our water filtration systems, including up to 100 gallons per day in a residential reverse osmosis, booster bump, delivery pump, larger tank or color faucet. The residential reverse osmosis water filtration systems can be hooked up in less than an hour and attaches to any instant hot system or refrigerator icemaker. In addition, the filters only need be changed once annually.

Each reverse osmosis comes with a variety of accessories, including drain saddle valve, water feed adapter, tank ball valve, long reach (Prop 65) chrome faucet, water storage tank and installation manual plus warranty. Reverse osmosis water is especially useful as a preventative measure against natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, which all affect the quality of drinking water. With water filtration, guaranteed clean drinking water from a well, lake, creek, river, mud puddle, pond, rainwater or tank can be used for drinking or cooking at anytime. Our systems are available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 stage reverse osmosis. AMPAC USA water filtration systems remove greater than 99 percent of 10-micron particles. In addition, the sediment filter reduces iron, acid, sulfur, fine dirt, sand, silt and scale particles. The AMPAC USA residential reverse osmosis water filtration systems provide bottled water quality for only pennies per day.

For those in the market for reverse osmosis filtration treatment systems, backed by reasonable pricing and quality customer service, AMPAC USA delivers.


AMPAC Pure is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality American made treatment equipment, including water filters, seawater desalination and reverse osmosis systems. AMPAC began as a manufacturer of water purification equipment. Over the years, the business transitioned to a large manufacturing facility of all major purification equipment. AMPAC Pure manufactures reverse osmosis equipment that meet and exceed RO industry standards.

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