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Amon Launches SEPA On-ramp Solution to Convert EUR/GBP to Crypto

Amon Tech

Launched in 2018, Amon set out to bridge the gap between traditional and digital currencies with a core goal of helping their customers find financial freedom. Amon recently launched a SEPA on-ramp solution to allow users to easily convert EUR/GBP to cryptocurrencies

Amon understands that traditional institutions can no longer offer the financial growth they used to, so they set out and created a bridge between fiat and crypto, offering an innovative digital banking solution with several products: Amon Wallet, Amon Earn, Amon Card and the forthcoming Amon AI Investment assistant.

With the Amon Wallet, users are able to buy, sell and exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies with some of the best rates on the market. Users can deposit or withdraw any of the supported currencies without any limits or lock-up period.  

HODLers can put their crypto holdings to work using the Amon Earn product, an interest-bearing account where users can earn as much as 12% interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

Amon Tech is backed by several renowned partners, including Liquid, Celsius, and BitGo. Users' funds are secured by BitGo Wallet's institutional-grade cold wallet, featuring multi-signature, three-key management, which provides the highest standards of security for users.   

Daniele Izzo
Co-Founder / CEO
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