Announces Contest for $1,200 to Watch Prepper Movies During Quarantine

One lucky winner will receive $1,200 and a cache of survival gear for watching 12 of the best TEOTWAWKI movies Announces Contest for $1,200 to Watch Prepper Movies During Quarantine

​​​Online ammunition retailer is going to give one lucky prepper $1,200 and a cache of survival gear to watch the 12 best TEOTWAWKI movies while they self-quarantine.

Those ready to binge on prepper films will have to apply for the job, but only one lucky winner will receive $1,200 for watching 10 movies, one miniseries, and one television show episode over the course of 30 days – and answering a few questions along the way. The watch list includes the critically acclaimed historical miniseries Chernobyl, SARS medical thriller Contagion, classic apocalypse film Mad Max, and revolutionary zombie horror film 28 Days Later.

Along with $1,200, the lucky prepper will also receive an ammo can, a St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod, the world’s top-rated survival fishing rod, a $100 Go Time Gear gift card for loading up on prepper essentials, a $100 Knife Depot gift card, and a “You Are Your Own First Responder” shirt from Libertas Bella once they’ve watched and reported back on the films. They’ll also get a $50 Amazon gift card to rent all the films ahead of time.

Interested parties can apply by filling out a quick form including their social media handles, why they prep, and why should pick them out of all other applicants. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and U.S. citizens or permanent residents who agree to the Terms & Conditions.

This announcement comes as an increasing number of American states and municipalities are shutting everything down, from gyms to bars – leaving American workers stuck at home.  “The movies on our list are mostly fiction, but they point toward an underlying message that it’s important to be prepared for social disruptions,” says Alex Horsman, marketing manager at “We wanted to raise awareness around disaster preparedness while also letting people have a little fun in dark times.” was recently in the news due to a massive uptick in ammunition sales related to the global pandemic. Horsman notes that there is often an increase in sales around times of social instability.

So how should the lucky winner spend their $1,200? “You should stock up on ammunition at,” said Horsman.


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