Amidst Online Competition, Professional Vacation Firm Twiddy & Company Continues to Flourish

With the boom in online home-sharing spaces, competition is fierce for vacationers. Despite the arrival of so many new options, professional firms still represent many of the best homes, best services, and best experiences possible.

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With the online boom in vacation home rental options, many would-be vacationers find themselves trying to make the right decision for their family in their approach to finding the right home.

Some homes are managed on-site professionally, and others orient more to the online “home sharing” approach to vacation. Consumers are right to wonder how different approaches compare and what ultimately might work best for both the family and the budget. While some of the newer online home-sharing spaces have grabbed the headlines, many old school professional firms continue to flourish as they represent the finest offerings in the market.

One such professional firm, Twiddy & Company, believes firmly that as long as people still travel, there will always be a demand for professional management. Clark Twiddy, the President of the Company, recently shared in published remarks that "We believe that booking local and professionally delivers the best experience for people in search of a great place for their families, great service for their families, and no worries as they assess websites and homes." Asked why he felt this way in the face of growing online competition, he took a moment to elaborate:

"First and foremost, we’re a group of local residents who in many cases have lived and raised a family on the Outer Banks for many years. We don’t outsource hospitality at all--when you call, you get a live person right away, and that person drives down Duck Road every morning. When you need recommendations, help, or support, you’re getting it from smart people right down the street. For professionals, our experience becomes your experience.

"Second, we’re a professional firm--this isn’t a hobby or side gig for us, and your consistent satisfaction is how we earn a living. We’re regulated by the State of North Carolina to safeguard your vacation dollars and have been in continuous operation in Duck for more than 40 years. Our team has well over 800 years of combined experience in the vacation rental business and understands the importance of getting things right.

"We have a great selection of homes from the simply unique to the extraordinarily luxurious. We started in Duck with four homes and had grown a little bit every year since then--not because we wanted to be big but because we wanted to treat each customer the way we would want to be treated. We grow in the end by people trusting us.

"We’re also locally owned and operated by the same family since our founding. This means that our ownership structure focuses on local people, local investments, local communities, and the long-term happiness of guests as job number one.

"Because of these reasons and others, in 2018 we’ve seen things like:

  • More than half of our guests last year were repeat guests to Twiddy & Company.
  • Our guest satisfaction survey results have never been higher in 40 years.
  • We have over 100 local and full-time employees ready to help you have a great time.
  • Sustained community investment in a wide range of non-profits and community events.

"By choosing Twiddy & Company, you’re choosing to support local non-profits like the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, local families served by things like the Outer Banks Community Foundation, and local schools like College of the Albemarle and the Waters Edge Village School.

"In the end," he concluded, "there’s nothing wrong with good competition and various approaches to a vacation home. Both homeowners and guests have derived enormous value from the competition in the space. We simply believe that as we deliver a great product and great service one person at a time, you’ll join many others in trusting Twiddy & Company year after year. The more we see online competition become a commodity, the more we believe in the competitive advantage to the consumer of a professional firm."

Source: Twiddy & Company


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