Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Fears, Therapy Staffing Agency Vows to Help U.S. Schools Prepare for Move to Online Learning

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​As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises schools to plan and prepare for the possibility of community-level COVID-19 outbreaks, online learning (also referred to as “telepractice” or “virtual learning”) is receiving serious consideration as a tool for minimizing the spread of this illness.

For many K-12 school districts, the task of preparing for a shift from in-person learning to virtual learning can be overwhelming. But with accountability to provide a minimum of 170-180 instructional days per year, schools must find a way to follow the CDC’s recommendation.                    

Recognizing the opportunity to make a positive impact, Therapy Source, Inc., a nationwide provider of both in-person and online staffing solutions for schools since 2001, is offering its telepractice expertise and services to school districts in need of professional guidance on how to plan for this monumental change.

“The concept of online learning is new to many brick-and-mortar schools,” said Joshua Cartagenova, co-owner and CEO of Therapy Source. “But it’s not new to us. We’ve been providing online therapy and tutoring services since 2008. We are experts in this field and have the technology and talent to ease the burden of schools as they prepare for the possibility of this transition.”

Ann Marie Geissel, Therapy Source’s National Special Education Director, wants to assure school districts that online learning is interactive. “We have a fantastic virtual learning platform called TheraWeb that allows us to provide an exceptional level of student-teacher engagement through ‘live’ instruction,” she shared.

Said Cartagenova, “District Administrators already have so much on their plate. It’s gratifying to have the ability to provide a viable and affordable education solution in this time of crisis.”

A dedicated landing page is available for school districts interested in receiving more information:

Interested journalists can reach out to Rachel Ostafi, Therapy Source Marketing Director, at 866.783.5301 x 305, or

About Online Learning and TheraWeb®

Online learning (also referred to as “telepractice” or “virtual learning”) is an emerging delivery model that allows students to receive online education and related services from licensed and certified professionals. Research has shown that, from a clinical and patient satisfaction perspective, outcomes emulate those of traditional face-to-face learning.

TheraWeb is an easy-to-use, interactive web-based platform providing real-time engagement with students via whiteboard, application sharing, and web touring. The technology used is frequently compared to Skype or FaceTime, but with HIPAA and FERPA-compliance.

About Therapy Source, Inc.

Therapy Source, Inc. ( is a nationwide therapy provider of comprehensive in-person and online staffing services and solutions. A dominant presence in the educational sector since 2001, Therapy Source’s personalized commitment to service – and ability to facilitate rapid therapist placement – have resulted in partnerships with hundreds of school districts across the U.S. ​ 

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Therapy Source, Inc. is a nationwide provider of comprehensive in-person and online staffing services and solutions for schools.

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