AMI Shares Risk Management Strategies for Latin American Mining Investors

Americas Market Intelligence — the premier market intelligence and strategy firm for Latin America — is organizing a free webinar focused on Latin American mining risk. The webinar will take place on February 28, 2018 at 12:30 p.m. EST, lasting for one hour.

“With mineral prices up, there’s been an investment surge in Latin America’s mining sector,” says John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI). “But the risk profile of LatAm markets has changed since the last business cycle and investors have to update their knowledge of risk.” Remi Piet, natural resources practice leader for AMI, explains that “for example, national governments have become more hospitable to mining investment, but miners face increasing opposition from local communities. We have been very active in the region over the last decade and we felt it was time to share some of our knowledge with the industry.”

AMI has conducted over 100 client engagements in the LatAm mining sector over the past 10 years. The insights gained from that work are what will mostly drive the webinar, which will feature real-world case studies as examples of how to manage risk properly. Overall, the webinar will cover seven investor risk categories, including political interference, economic cycles, local communities, security, regulatory/legal, reputational and infrastructure/labor.

The mining webinar is part of a series of initiatives from AMI to share insights from its 25 years of market intelligence work. Later this year the company will publish a detailed whitepaper for the mining industry that will cover in greater depth the above-cited risk areas.

Attendees can register for the webinar by clicking here, and all registrants will receive presentation slides and a webinar video recording so that they can review the materials at the time of their choosing, even if they can’t attend the live webinar itself. “As we’ll show with case studies during the webinar, risk is a persistent challenge for miners in LatAm, but we’ve found some effective ways to mitigate, reduce or avoid it that we’ll share to help both miners and financiers better manage risk in Latin America,” says Price.

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