AMI Expeditionary Healthcare and Team Up at HIMSS

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare and team up at HIMSS Global Health Conference

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare and™ are honored to participate in this year's HIMSS Global Health conference, the world healthcare technology event bringing innovators together for education and collaboration.

This partnership comes as a result of months of coordinated efforts in Texas, California and Arizona combatting COVID-19. "Our extraordinary collaboration allows each company to bring its best skills forward," said Mike Smith, Executive Vice President of US Clinical Operations, AMI Expeditionary Healthcare. "This is truly an example of the whole being stronger than the sum of its parts."

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare provides tailored healthcare solutions to government agencies, the private sector, international aid organizations, and humanitarian concerns in remote and challenging environments. Throughout the pandemic, AMI has provided medical personnel, facilities, equipment, consumables, pharmacy products, procedures, and training where healthcare facilities and services are under-resourced or non-existent.™ is a team of healthcare and technology experts whose cutting-edge platform developed in Silicon Valley enables healthcare providers to connect on a digital platform. Its product™ offers appointment scheduling, vaccination and testing verification, online consent and pre-screening, appointment reminders, reporting and inventory management, integrated with State Health Registries.

"AMI's healthcare expertise and logistical prowess partnered with our innovative technology make us a formidable adversary in the fight against the pandemic," said Dr. Johan Pretorius, CEO of, Inc. "Our partnership, to date, has yielded strong results. We look forward to continuing to win the battle against COVID-19."

The work AMI and have done in the past, its impact, and their vision for future collaboration will be presented at the HIMSS Global Health Conference.

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare (AMI) is a physician-owned and physician-led healthcare service provider. Through™'s platform, professionals across the global health ecosystem can connect for education, innovation and collaboration to reimagine health and wellness.

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Grey Knotter, Director Business Development or Tom Douglas, VP Business Development

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AMI Expeditionary Healthcare is a novel healthcare support organization. AMI provides tailored healthcare solutions to government agencies, the private sector, international aid organizations and humanitarian concerns in remote and challenging enviro

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