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With all the worry out there about student loan relief scams, one company has made a commitment to go above and beyond to ensure potential and existing clients they are different. Ameritech Financial, a document preparation company, aligns each client with federal student loan repayment programs that fit their unique situation and financial goals. But what sets Ameritech Financial apart from their competitors is their commitment to compliance and borrower transparency.

From heavy disclosures to a custom developed internal compliance monitoring system, Ameritech Financial makes a point to be transparent and upfront with all existing and potential clients. By adhering to all compliance regulations and its strict internal guidelines, Ameritech Financial strives to be a ray of light in an industry shrouded in dark clouds.

"When you need help with something, especially something related to your student loans, it's important you trust the people you turn to," said Tom Knickerbocker, Executive Vice President of Ameritech Financial. "At Ameritech, we do everything we can to earn our clients' trust and make them feel that they are in good hands."

When you need help with something, especially something related to your student loans, it's important you trust the people you turn to.

Tom Knickerbocker

Executive Vice President

Ameritech Financial says it starts with disclosures. Their website prominently displays a disclosure that explicitly and deliberately separates them from the government and the borrowers' loan servicers — "We are not a government agency, the Department of Education, or your loan servicer." It compares its relationship to clients to that of a tax preparation professional and tells clients that they will still be responsible for continuing to make student loan payments directly to their loan servicer.

The same disclosure is mentioned several times throughout the enrollment process to make sure each client knows who they are working with — and who they are not working with — every step of the way. An internal compliance department monitors enrollment calls to ensure all Enrollment Specialists remain within the compliance guidelines. These guidelines include communicating the following clearly and explicitly:

  • The disclosures and full contract
  • What exactly the client is paying for and to whom
  • How to fully take advantage of all that Ameritech Financial offers

Finally, all Enrollment Specialists receive training through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) to become Certified Student Loan Professionals. That program includes information ranging from the history of student loans to details regarding student loan terminology and student loan repayment plans. This training puts Enrollment Specialists in the best position to advise each client to achieve his or her financial goals.

Internally, Ameritech Financial has created and developed over 120 proprietary training courses to ensure that each Enrollment and Operational Specialist is well-trained and understands the ins and outs of each borrower's unique financial situation.

"From the ground up, we are as transparent as possible so our clients know what to expect, and what not to," said Knickerbocker. "Our main goal is 100% client satisfaction and the best way to achieve that is to meet — and work hard to exceed — each client's expectations. By establishing trust with the client early on and fostering that trust along the way, we are free to focus on helping our clients with the problem they came to us with: their treacherous student loan burden."

About Ameritech Financial

Ameritech Financial works with clients to enroll in the federal repayment plan that fits their personal financial and student loan situation. They adhere to strict customer service guidelines and strive for the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

Each Enrollment Specialist has received the Certified Student Loan Professional Certification through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). Ameritech Financial is also a current member of the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR).


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Ameritech Financial is a document preparation company that helps borrowers enroll in the federal repayment program that matches their individual financial needs, potentially lowers payments and gets them on track for student loan forgiveness.