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AmeriTech Financial continues to expand and is excited to announce their two new websites. The goal of unveiling these sites will be to inform both clients and industry professionals about AmeriTech beyond the services they offer.

The first of these two sites will be at the website and will expand upon everything AmeriTech Financial will be doing within the growing student loan industry. On this website, you will be able to learn in-depth industry news as well as company news and responses related to the ever-changing student loan environment.

Also on the website, they will be releasing informative articles informing future clients of the pitfalls of student loan debt and potential opportunities borrowers can take advantage of. As many of you already know, the information available online about student loans can be confusing and convoluted, so AmeriTech’s goal is to provide clear and informative information to student loan borrowers. A. However, AmeriTech’s mission doesn’t stop there.

AmeriTech Financial has also launched this week. One of AmeriTech Financial’s key values is helping others. This website will present all of the work AmeriTech Financial does with non-profits and charities. For example, AmeriTech Financial’s commitment to the “Hiring 500,000 Heroes” initiative to ensure that the brave and highly skilled men and women that have served our country receive employment opportunities once they’ve completed their service to their country. One of AmeriTech Financial’s finest contributions comes from their referral program. AmeriTech has partnered with Tango Card to give back to clients for referring AmeriTech’s services. Tango Card also offers the ability to donate the reward to charity. If one of AmeriTech’s clients chooses to donate AmeriTech will happily match their donation dollar for dollar.

Previously, AmeriTech Financial, in conjunction with Tango Card, worked with 14 charities on their rewards platform. This week it was announced by Tango Card that another charity was added to the rewards program, Huntsman Cancer Institute. AmeriTech Financial is very excited about this new non-profit as they believe that Huntsman Cancer Institute embodies AmeriTech’s core values, in addition to, working toward an extremely important cause. “Jon Huntsman, Sr., has had cancer four times. So he’s spent enough time in cancer hospitals to know what he’d do differently when he designed one from scratch. That’s why Huntsman Cancer Institute is unlike any other. It looks different. Feels different.” AmeriTech echoes the same sentiment of their industry as well when it comes to student loans. Many of those employed with the company have signed up for the service or have referred their own friends. Other employees have learned so much from working with AmeriTech that they are able to help themselves with their own unique situation. Just like any of the charities and non-profits, if our clients use their referral reward to donate to a fantastic cause, AmeriTech Financial will match that donation.

Furthermore, AmeriTech Financial will be talking about their non-profit and charity work as well as expanding upon each non-profit they are working with. This week, has released a spotlight on Hire Our Heroes. This not only informs on what AmeriTech is doing in the field but gives the readers and clients a chance to learn about a new special cause that may speak to them. Spreading the positivity through AmeriTech’s clients and through the charities they work with will help create a foundation upon which, AmeriTech Financial can make good on their statement that, “We’re in the business of helping people – it’s the backbone of our business.”

About AmeriTech Financial

AmeriTech Financial is located in El Dorado Hills, California, right next to the California state capital of Sacramento. AmeriTech Financial has already helped thousands of people with financial analysis and student loan document preparation services for federal loan forgiveness programs offered through the Department of Education.

Each representative on the phone is certified through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) and has received the Certified Student Loan Professional certification through the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR).

AmeriTech Financial prides themselves on their exceptional 24/7 Client Service.


To learn more about AmeriTech Financial, please contact:

AmeriTech Financial

1101 Investment Blvd Ste. 290

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762


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