Ameristream Launches Indiegogo Funding Campaign

Ameristream is an early-stage company that has gained significant attention from a vast demographic of consumers who access information, entertainment online, and stream audio and video. Over a two-year period, the company has emphasized planning, execution, achieving measurements for success. In light of this, Ameristream has embarked on a public fund raise that is possible through crowd funding.

​​​AmeriStream is an innovative e-markets brand delivering broadcast radio, on demand streaming, playlist management, retail music, publishing and interactive customer loyalty programs across the digital space with attention to serving local communities for advertising and live e-radio.

The company has positioned the platform for music fans to own the streaming music they consume. This disruptive service features unlimited downloads for top albums, hit songs, artist streams, incredible compilations, mixtapes, DJ mixes, and unique weekly playlists compiled across dozens of genres.  

Perry Manno, Founder & CEO stated, "that all of our programming is available on the Internet enabling listeners to access our quality content via their computers, cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices." Mr. Manno went on to say, "I am proud of our content management system that allows consumers to select their music choices through Live Broadcasts, Pure Play and also blog utilizing intuitive social media via texting services or mobile apps."]

Perry Manno

Founder & CEO

The trend today is about video-on-the-go. Using emerging technology, Ameristream can customize and curate additional video channels that sync to its playlist software.  Traditional radio broadcast formats are replaced by varied and different programs running back to back, hour by hour with relevant, geo-fenced ad content. Listeners' can interact with any station and engage in contests for robust rewards just by sharing content via custom media players. This technology can be integrated for publishers and broadcast partners, offering ubiquity for their brand.  

Ameristream's exclusive video channels can be created for seasonal playlists, weekly countdowns, or custom channels for just about anything.

As exclusive content creators, a joint venture has been established with the nations' leading DJ in the urban space. As a brand ambassador, 'miss j NYce' delivers the Ameristream flavor via live events across the country showcasing products from the fashion and beverage media sectors, to name a few.

Moreover, Ameristream can expand its brand through independent broadcast operators who connect via their own Ameristream e-radio and video platform emphasizing local market advertising and content. In this scenario, each 'Collaborative Partner' receives advertising, a web site, mobile app, and sponsorships of exclusive programming, concerts and other special events.

Unlike satellite radio, or streaming providers that passes its fees along to its subscribers, Ameristream will accrue revenue from live broadcast streams and outdoor events. The brand is linked with many artists who will perform, and stream live concerts on has started another venture with, which means they have started this funding campaign for such programs as well. has specially designed this initiative that introduces organizations who produce special events for veterans. Their videos, propagated across different social websites have gone viral as people love to see veterans helping other veterans through therapy, health care and business sectors. Private businesses can brand and message audiences via the joint venture cost effectively through an exclusive charter membership, also part of this funding campaign.

Ameristream would become the largest source of streaming media with all your support and contribution. Visit the landing page of Ameristream for more information about funding and how this campaign is being advertised massively among a global audience!

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Ameristream is an innovative e-markets brand delivering broadcast radio, on demand streaming, playlist management, retail music, publishing and interactive customer loyalty programs serving local communities for advertising and live e-radio.

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