America's Veterans Honoring First Responders in the Veterans Networking Alliance (VNA)'s Parade: Faith, Family, Fire, & FrontLiners: Protectors of Peace

VNA's 4th annual Salute & Parade for National First Responders Day honored the brave and courageous First Responders (the community's frontliners). “Faith, Family, Fire, and FrontLiners: This is our 4th Annual VNA event to support you all and say thank you. God bless you, congratulations on your day!” said Scott J. Brook, Mayor of Coral Springs and VNA Founder. Mayor Rich Walker (Parkland), Veteran's Coalition of CS and Chaplain Cutter, Solider Rush's Veteran Mair, and Community Leaders Gutman and Hollandsworth shared their gratitude.

VNA's 4th Annual National First Responders Day Salute and Parade

 Veterans honored First Responders starting with a parade (championed by Mary Mascaro) saluting the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department and Coral Springs Police Department (CSPD). Veteran Tony Spina (Veterans Coalition of Coral Springs (VCCS)) walked the American flag, and Todd Hollandsworth (broadcaster and American MLB) led the vehicles in his military green jeep. Among the parade participants included Veterans of Honor Tom Melville, Ron Daddio, and Toni Neptune. 

Mayor Brook commenced the ceremony, saying, “We hope you feel the love from your community and from your Veterans that have come to pay honor and tribute to you and say thank you.” Coral Springs Veteran Coalition’s Chaplain, Co-Chair Clergy Coalition, and Pastor of New Dawn, Randal Cutter; Community Advocate Natalie Gutman; and Soldier Rush’s Founder Veteran Manuel F. Mair shared their respect and appreciation.

Mayor Brook and Chaplain Cutter presented Flame of Glory (Protectors of Peace) art representing the VNA's theme for the First Responders.  

The Ceremony concluded with Mayor Brook’s blessings and congratulations to First Responders, following Mayor Walker’s heartfelt presentation of the tribute poem, Flame of Glory, to the First Responders. Mayor Walker was joined alongside America’s Hollandsworth, Mayor Brook, and Chaplain Cutter. “Anytime I have the opportunity to thank First Responders, it is always an honor, so thank you for everything you do for our community. It is truly a blessing for us,” praised Mayor Walker.

The VNA is grateful for the community coming out to support and honor First Responders and all the amazing parade participants decorating their vehicles in gratitude and love for First Responders. VNA is grateful for the Veterans Coalition CS, Veterans, and community leaders. 

A special thank you to Todd and Marci Hollandsworth, a God-sent blessing to the VNA and community, with Todd Hollandsworth stepping in to lead the parade with just a few hours’ notice after being made aware that the parade’s lead Humvee was out of commission. Hollandsworth drove the parade to home base (CSPD) to honor Veterans and First Responders.

VNA is grateful for the event sponsors, including, Wings Plus (, PetMeds (,

Source: The Veterans Networking Alliance (VNA)

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