America's Remanufacturing Company Speaks at HDCI Sector Partnership Grantee Conference

Discusses Strategies to Address Populations with Personal Barriers to Employment

Patsy Weaver, HR Manager for America’s Remanufacturing Company, a reverse logistics and remanufacturing solutions company servicing OEMs, Distributors and Retailers, co-leads a panel discussion on the importance of creating a company culture that accepts and develops individuals with personal barriers to employment. The panel entitled “Innovative Ways to Address Populations with Barriers” is part of the HDCI Sector Partnership Grantee Conference taking place November 6-7, 2017 at Jekyll Island, Georgia. The HDCI (High Demand Career Initiative) is managed by the Georgia Department of Economic Development to meet the need for a consistent, trained and reliable workforce to support Georgia businesses.

In regards to the panel, HDCI Program Manager Jamie Jordan said, “Individuals, such as those with disabilities, previously incarcerated, or at-risk youth, can be challenging to assist from an employment standpoint; however, they represent a tremendous amount of opportunity for Georgia employers if we can successfully connect them with the resources and access they need to be successful employees. Employers throughout the state have had tremendous success in finding loyal and productive employees in these populations. This session will highlight innovative approaches from local businesses, like America’s Remanufacturing Company, that can be replicated to address these populations with employment barriers.”

“I have been blessed during my 20+ years in human resource management to interact with amazing people from all walks of life. My greatest satisfaction comes from nurturing individuals to achieve their goals,” said Patsy Weaver, ARC HR Manager. “The HDCI program, and specifically Jamie, has allowed ARC to leverage good people that just need an opportunity. We set realistic goals for our team members and award them when they meet those expectations.” 

“The formula works;” stated Paul Adamson, ARC Chief Revenue Officer, “find good people, create real opportunities, push them to go beyond their perceived bounds, and develop a culture of success. Many individuals just haven’t had the chance to thrive within a culture of success before and we have a platform to help change lives. At the risk of sounding cliché – ARC can remanufacture products and remanufacture lives!”

About America’s Remanufacturing Company

America’s Remanufacturing Company (ARC) is a reverse logistics and remanufacturing solutions company that helps OEMs, Distributors, and Retailers reduce costs, protect brands, improve customer experience, and gain access to key data from returned products. Our solutions are guided by a simple principle: help companies redefine remanufacturing to improve their operations. ARC serves customers in key consumer product categories, including: Small Appliance, Small Electric, Floorcare, Powered Hand Tools, and Outdoor Power Equipment. America's Remanufacturing Company is uniquely positioned as the only vertically integrated solutions company in North America to offer remanufacturing, recycling and resale services. ARC is a member of the Remanufacturing Industries Council and supports ANSI standard RIC001.1-2016: Specifications for the Process of Remanufacturing.

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About America's Remanufacturing Company

ARC is a vertically integrated reverse logistics and remanufacturing solutions company that helps OEMs, Distributors, and Retailers reduce costs, protect brands, improve customer experience, and gain access to key data from returned products.

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