America's Rehab Campuses Offers Equine Therapy at Arizona Rehab Campus

America's Rehab Campuses (ARC) has announced that its Tucson, Arizona location is now offering equine therapy.

ARC operates addiction treatment centers that offer a full continuum of recovery programs including medical drug detox, residential inpatient rehab, and partial hospitalization. Equine therapy is the latest complementary therapy to join music therapy, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and many others available at ARC.

Equine therapy, or horse-assisted therapy, is a complementary treatment to psychotherapy that involves horses in the recovery process. Equine therapy has been used to treat substance use disorders since the 1990s and is shown to promote biological, psychological, social, and spiritual healing.

Patients who receive equine therapy at ARC travel off-site to visit the stables for 90-minute sessions that teach them how to care for and interact with horses. Activities may include, but are not limited to, feeding, grooming, and riding the horses. All horses used in equine therapy are in good health and have been properly trained for these sessions.

A growing number of studies that examine the effects of equine therapy on addiction recovery state that this therapy increases self-esteem and helps patients combat anxiety and depression. Patients who form bonds with horses can improve their relationships and social skills while also learning the importance of friends, family, and community. The outdoor, active, and peaceful environment of the horse stables is also shown to benefit patients who need a change of scenery away from the enclosed, verbal environments of therapy rooms at drug and alcohol rehab.

According to the journal Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment, drug rehab patients who receive equine therapy end up staying in treatment for a significantly longer time than their counterparts and are more likely to fully complete their treatment programs. Patients have also reported that horses make them feel more positive about recovery and serve as strong emotional supports. When surveyed about their experiences at drug rehab, patients who failed to complete their recovery programs cited equine therapy as one of the most positive aspects of treatment, particularly because they spent more time outdoors in the stable being active.

Equine therapy for addiction complements traditional evidence-based therapies such as drug and alcohol detox, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and motivational enhancement, among many others. ARC’s Arizona Rehab Campus is located at 6944 E Tanque Verde Road, Tucson, AZ. ARC is offering equine therapy to all patients who join an addiction treatment program at this facility.

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Source: America's Rehab Campuses


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