Americas Market Intelligence Analyzes Five Megatrends in Latin America

Latin American Megatrends

Americas Market Intelligence — the premier market intelligence and strategy firm for Latin America — has published a new analysis of five megatrends impacting the region today and over the next thirty years. The analysis is built on lessons learned over 2,000+ client engagements in LatAm markets since 1992, focusing on two major themes: demographic shifts and technology disruption.

“So much of our managerial efforts are focused on meeting quarterly, even monthly goals that we rarely lift our heads long enough to take in these longer-term trends that will shape our future,” explains John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) and author of the report. “We chose the slower season of summer to feature our analysis of these trends, which offer both tremendous opportunities and worrying risks to companies operating in Latin America,” says Price.

Working with its team of analysts across the region who drive AMI’s industry practices: payments and e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, natural resources (mining) and infrastructure, consumer goods and the industrial sector, AMI synthesized all the trends it sees into five mega-trends. For each trend, AMI predicted the commercial, political and social impact. The results are startling and make for a provocative read. As time draws closer to the 2018 business planning season, John Price will begin speaking to these trends in business forums and private conferences. As one of the leading thought leaders in the region, Mr. Price speaks at over 25 conferences per year.

The presentation — entitled Latin American Mega Trends — is available on AMI’s website on its AMI Perspectiva insights section.

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Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is the premier market intelligence and strategy consultancy for Latin America, providing powerful research insights for companies to succeed in a wide range of verticals in the region, including payments, healthcare, logistics, mining, oil & gas, infrastructure, consumer goods and the industrial sector. Its customized research reports deliver data-based clarity and far-reaching strategic direction based on expert sources.

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