American Veteran Opens Cannabis Dispensary in Downtown Sanford, Florida, and Donates Proceeds to Disabled American Veterans

American Veteran & Founder of Chronic Guru, Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien is by no means just an ordinary cannabis enthusiast. This third-generation cannabis grower and American veteran has trained over 60,000 students at his five-acre indoor/outdoor cannabis college and farm in Apopka, Florida (Sativa University). Now, he is opening his line of accessible cannabis dispensaries, known as Chronic Guru.

Billion-dollar cannabis companies like Curaleaf and MedMen have commissioned him and his team throughout the years. After receiving multiple requests from frustrated students about how things are done at some Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, he decided it was time to begin opening his own line of dispensaries. This led to the creation of "Chronic Guru." 

However, this decision did not come without its obstacles. MMTCs currently have a monopoly holding over the market. In order to obtain a license in the State of Florida, it requires millions of dollars. This makes it very difficult to get a foot in the door unless people have significant investments or capital. Over the years, O'Brien has put every dollar back into the cannabis program at Sativa University. It was clear that bringing Chronic Guru to fruition would only be possible with some help.

So, how did Chronic Guru come about? "Simple — a passionate and incredibly successful investor and now brother-like mentor approached me with the idea of turning Chronic Guru into a reality after class one day," says O'Brien.

With the help of real estate mogul and European swimming champion Erdem Sezer of Trusa Investments, O'Brien plans on opening multiple locations throughout his home state of Florida — starting with their first location on Main Street in Downtown Sanford, Florida.

"Chronic Guru belongs to the people," O'Brien continues. "Our students made it abundantly clear that they are tired of the same 'sterile' environment and attitude they receive when walking into medical dispensaries. Therefore, we decided to bring culture back to the cannabis scene by opening a high-end yet inviting 'Amsterdam Coffee-shop/speakeasy'-inspired dispensary line."

O'Brien continues, "We want people to feel comfortable asking questions about cannabis while fostering a sense of community for networking in a safe space without stigma and judgment." His approach is unique in that "all decisions made for the company will be made by and for the people." This is a company built for the people, by the people.

"When someone enters our dispensary, we want them to feel value before they have even spent a dollar," O'Brien states. "I come from the working class and know how hard it is to earn a dollar. Therefore, I want you to feel the value in spending your hard-earned money here."

Unlike some dispensaries, the staff at Chronic Guru won't try to push products down people's throats that don't work. They only offer products that genuinely provide results. This is done by having a highly trained and educated staff that will guide visitors in the best direction to meet their needs. No fluff. Providing relief to the masses at an accessible price point is what drives Patrick O'Brien of Chronic Guru.

The store opens this Saturday, June 25, at 12 p.m. (Noon) at 303 E 1st Street Sanford, Florida 32771. 

The first 100 clients will receive 3.5 grams of free flower while everyone else will receive complimentary pre-rolls and swag for showing up. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Disabled American Veterans Organization. No medical marijuana card required for purchase.

Contact Information:
Phone: 720-295-1439

Source: Chronic Guru

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Chronic Guru's highly trained and educated staff guides customers in selecting lab-tested cannabis products that genuinely provide relief. Chronic Guru is built by the people, for the people.

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