American Transportation Services Implements Application to Prevent Catastrophic Wheel Separation From Moving Vehicles

American Transportation Services (ATS), a heavy-duty maintenance contracting company, is implementing a Wheel/Tire Installation application to better control its processes and limit human error, which is the leading cause of wheel separation.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure accountability when it comes to tire and wheel end installation, but the best way to create actionable information is to go digital,” says ATS Manager Choo Soudah. “This web-based feature allows for fast, simple data collection directly from the point of potential failure.”

“Even the best mechanics can get distracted in a busy shop environment,” says Raymond Gross, President of the Mobile Maintenance Association and designer of the app. “Automating accountability via instant image documentation, combined with dual electronic signature, is the most effective way to limit mistakes during wheel hub, tire and oil seal installation.”

The program creates visibility and exposes anomalies that normally go unreported during the repair process, according to Gross, including inconsistent wheel torque application, tool availability and service and inspection delays documented by time-stamped events.  

ATS will be implementing the application through all 12 of its locations in the coming weeks.  

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Established in 2001 by Sam Soudah, American Transportation Services has grown from a small family business to a nationwide tractor and trailer maintenance company providing services to major fleets. ATS has corporate offices in California and Florida.  


The MMA is a Portland, Oregon-based online services and group purchasing organization. Its ELEVATE software platform is managed by Raymond Gross and Jeramy Hing.

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