American Seniors Association Responds to Age Comments by Former Arizona Senator

In response to the recent comments made by Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward, American Seniors Association CEO Paul Cornell would like to offer the following commentary:

Dear Senator Ward, it is our opinion that your recent comments about Senator John McCain’s age as a generality are completely out of line. In fact, the ones most responsible for defending and maintaining America’s values are America’s seniors. And that honor especially applies to Senator McCain for his decades of service to this great Nation. When you malign Senator McCain directly as an octogenarian you are maligning all who are fortunate enough to achieve that milestone and still be relevant. Would you say the same to Warren Buffet, Justice Anthony Kennedy, Rupert Murdoch? We think not. Are you implying that maximum age limits should be a determining factor for political office? If so what will it be next, weight? Hair Color? Race?

We understand and appreciate that you are in a political contest challenging Senator McCain for the GOP Arizona Senate nomination, we would only ask that you not attack seniors in the process of performing that effort.


Paul Cornell


American Seniors Association

Source: American Seniors Association

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