American Seniors Association, 60 Plus and AMAC Leaders Support Trump-Pence Ticket

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Following last Friday's "sudden" discovery of a decade-plus old video, the three major conservative seniors associations group leaders issued this joint statement to demonstrate their continuing strong support for the election of the Trump-Pence ticket as critical to revitalizing America's economic strength and vitality, national defense, homeland security and strong international leadership.


American Seniors Association President Mark Wingate said, "Representing strictly conservative values and policies that protect the well-being of our Nation's great seniors, the American Seniors Association proudly supports the Constitution and the Republican ticket for the next President and Vice President of the United States of American, Donald J Trump & Mike Pence. Our Nation as a whole and generations to come can ill-afford a Hillary Clinton presidency that will only continue the quiet stifling of the American people's vitality and making us an international joke among the leaders of our adversaries.  Her record in international affairs is one of hollow accomplishments - sound and fury signifying nothing - coupled with a history of devious manipulation, misleading rhetoric, lies, and cover-up for self-enrichment using the public trust to further personal financial and power-hungry ends."

60 Plus Founder and Chairman Jim Martin said, "The election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence is critical for the economic and National security future of our Nation. We have undergone over the last eight years an unprecedented "nanny" agenda of the Obama Administration whose actions have caused unprecedented increases in taxes, spending and job-killing regulations. Trump-Pence are change. Clinton-Kaine are status quo.  Some 76 percent of seniors think the Nation is going in the wrong direction, and 63 percent are dissatisfied with Mr. Obama's policy and reject four more years of the same.  Mr. Trump evokes the spirit of exceptionalism, patriotism and free enterprise of Ronald Regan.  Seniors vote in larger numbers than others and have voted Republican in the past three Presidential races. If we do our job of encouraging seniors to think about the differences seniors can and will be the difference in this cycle as well.  We need a leader like Reagan to enable our children and grandchildren to be optimistic and who understood what our parents did for us by mobilizing to win WW II.  Working with our spokesman, legendary entertainer Pat Boone, I will do everything I can reaching out to our millions of men and women who are 60 Plus supporters."   

AMAC Founder and President Dan Weber said, "Americans - young, middle-aged, maturing and elderly --are desperate for strong national leadership by a President who will genuinely take action to arrest the decline that is occurring under the Obama Administration and would only continue under a Hillary Clinton regime. The next President will appoint at least two new Justices to the Supreme Court and they are our only hope to keep the America we love. Our Social Security programs are in deep trouble unless structurally corrected - and Mr. Trump has said he would "Guarantee Social Security"! A Trump Presidency may be our last chance to save our country. (Note: Dan is speaking as an individual not as president of AMAC which does not endorse candidates)

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The American Seniors Association (ASA) is a conservative oriented membership organization that offers a large variety of discounted products and services to Its members throughout the United States. These services and products are offered by national

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