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American Retail Supply launches array of products and platforms to improve on the customers' experience. The company is among the best in the industry for the production of 3D wall decorations, Slatwall, and labeling guns. The products are made of quality materials and high-class designs thus creating unique store ambiance and design depending on the retailer’s choice. The retailers have a wide variety of product to pick. Their customers' satisfaction is the company's key goal, and it is the motivating factor when it comes to the production of the beautifully crafted 3D wall panels and the Slatwalls, which are retailers' favorites to design their stores.

Responding to a client query on how the company intends to improve on its services, the Design Manager said, “Our Company has just launched to great website platforms that will change our users' experience. The Magento 2.0 and Amazon Web Services, these two platforms provide the perfect user mobile device experience, as it is user-friendly, better user interaction that comes with high-class search engines capabilities. We have also introduced a variety of products and images for our customers to have vivid pictures of their choice and taste.”

The company has equally launched a new section dedicated explicitly to Christmas and Holiday packaging which suites most of the retailers' needs, be it small or medium size retailer. The company offers more than 1000 Christmas pattern designs in Gift Wrap, paper bags, gift boxes, holiday shipping boxes and many more items for the 2018 Holiday and Christmas season. The company’s textured 3D Wall Panels, are great for retailers and for office or commercial spaces. These textured wall panels come in more than 15 carefully selected preferred designs; for instance, the cement textured wall panel will develop a sense of edgy and midtown look. Other favorite’s 3D Wall designs include; Old Paint, and Linear Wave 3D wall panels.

One of the customer’s request for a clarification on different types of labeling guns the company produces; the Production Manager said, “We offer the best Pricing Guns Labels in the United States which are quite popular amongst our customers. The Guns labels are durable and quite reliable. The company produces different lines of labels Guns, for instance, the one –line Monarch is best suited for retail stores given its capacity to print between 6-8 numbers used for pricing of products. The two-tier monarch can print both numbers and characters, and it's suited for pricing o products. Three-line monarch is for placing only digits or a mix of numbers and characters in the middle row. It’s suited for dates, part numbers, and prices.”

3D Slatwall will significantly improve store’s existing walls, by producing unique designs, some of which include Tire Treads, Old paint, and Subway Tiles. The company provides portable and customizable modular Slatwall, which allow the customers to come up with unique designs for trade show display or temporary displays in their stores. Finally, the company offers Rustic Slatwall faceouts, waterfalls, brackets, pipe hangers and accessories to go with 3D Slatwall. We encourage retailers to call for any queries they have about our products. Customers can reach us through email, telephone calls or chat services.

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The company is proud to the offer its customers with fast, reliable services. American Retail Supply ensures their customers are happy with their services, custom-made products shipping, and returns.

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