American Medical ID Announces One Week Offer: 50% Off Medical IDs

August is Medical ID Awareness Month - that means savings & protection.

Medical ID Awareness Month

In order to provide life-saving medical IDs to all that need them, American Medical ID is proud to offer 50% off their Stainless Steel Premier Red Medical ID Bracelet for the first week of Medical ID Awareness month (August).

To purchase this custom-engraved medical ID, visit and use promo code "AWARE2022" to get the $50 bracelet for $24.97. 

This one-time offer is the steepest discount ever provided by American Medical ID, the leader in medical alert IDs since 1994.

What is Medical ID Awareness Month?

Medical ID Awareness Month happens every August and the goal is to raise awareness for medical IDs and ensure that everyone who should be wearing one is given an accessible option.

What is a medical ID?

A medical ID is jewelry that includes medical conditions, drug and food allergies, prescribed medicines, and emergency contacts to be referenced by medical professionals in an emergency.

Who should wear a medical ID?

People with certain medical conditions wear medical IDs to alert emergency medical professionals in an emergency. Several common reasons include Diabetes, Pacemakers, Cardiac Problems, Allergies, Bleeding Disorders, Autism, Rare Diseases, and much more.

Why Choose American Medical ID?

For over 27 years, American Medical ID has succeeded in providing high-quality and affordable medical ID jewelry to millions of customers. 

Focusing on expanding the variety and style choices available for medical ID jewelry, American Medical ID has seen tremendous growth since its founding in 1994. They also offer live phone support based in the USA at 800-363-5985.

What are the promotion details?

Offer: 50% off the Stainless Steel Premier Red Medical ID Bracelet (regular price $49.95, sale price $24.97). Discount applied at checkout.

Promo Code: AWARE2022

Time: Available August 1, 2022 - August 8, 2022.

Where: or order via phone at 800-363-5985.

About American Medical ID:

American Medical ID is an employee-owned company based in Houston, TX, and was founded in 1994. Their mission is to offer quality medical IDs that, in a medical emergency, allow medics or other medical professionals to give prompt, precise treatment.

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