American Made Tactical Supports US Job Creation To Help Keep America Working

AMT Sources Raw Materials to Create Firearm Products Made in the USA

American Made Tactical is proud to announce the creation of new jobs in the United States. They have been working for years on building a brand and developing products that are made in America by Americans. Their goal has always been to create jobs here at home, and they are excited to be able to share the news with their customers and supporters. Even during these trying times, all of AMT's tactical gear has been manufactured right here in America, creating more full-time jobs from design through production. This commitment to only use materials sourced in the United States and made by Americans would not have been possible without the support of loyal customers over these past few years and they are grateful for each one of you who believed in what they were trying to accomplish.

Their name is their commitment, American Made Tactical, and they are proud to be a top manufacturer of 80 lower receivers, AR-10 and AR-15 upper receivers, all made in the USA. These crucial components are perfect for DIY firearm builders looking to modify their rifles or construct new ones from scratch. 

Unlike many other manufacturers, American Made Tactical sources all materials from reliable suppliers located only in the United States, keeping Americans working. AMT is committed to using materials within the United States and never uses materials from outside the country. These raw materials include tough, heavy-duty, U.S.-made steel and resilient 7075 T6 military-grade aluminum. Additionally, all work completed by American Made Tactical is handled in the U.S. These processes include conducting quality assurance, designing and building the products, and even fielding questions in the customer service department. American Made Tactical takes the satisfaction of all customers very seriously and will never outsource labor overseas to cut costs and affect the overall quality or performance of a firearm part. Due to this commitment, American Made Tactical has helped to create and retain jobs for numerous vendors, logistics facilities, gunsmiths, and additional AMT staff, all across the United States.

Since 2016, AMT has served hundreds of clients with premium products, valuable info from blog articles, and honest and open communication when speaking with each customer service representative. With low prices and rapid, discreet shipping, firearms enthusiasts can't go wrong choosing American Made Tactical for uppers, 80 lowers, and other parts when building or modifying a gun. For more information please get in touch with our media contact Eric at

Source: American Made Tactical

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American Made Tactical is proud to offer U.S.-made firearm products and accessories to gun enthusiasts across the country. No importing from overseas, no outsourcing of labor. Everything we buy and build is done here in the U.S.A.

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