American Drone Animal Rescue Travels to Ukraine

Ryan Okrant and Douglas Thron of ASSERT Drone Animal Rescue

While the crisis continues in various parts of Ukraine, many Ukrainians have begun returning to their homes to find mass destruction and loss. There are reports of countless animals missing and roaming the streets, displaced, and injured from recent combat. Douglas Thron and Ryan Okrant of ASSERT Drone Animal Rescue have just landed in Europe and will be entering Ukraine in a joint venture with Paws of War, a New York based non-for-profit organization who currently have members on the ground in Ukraine feeding and helping many of the now homeless animals on a special ops mission using their infrared drone. ASSERT's advanced technology allows them to fly over the war-stricken areas in search of animals which otherwise may never be found due to the vastness of destruction. Their primary goal is to reunite Ukrainians with their beloved pets and provide aid to any animals in need.

Thron and Okrant have highly specialized training and experience to support this life saving mission. Thron has travelled the globe using his infrared drone to rescue animals of all kinds. Okrant has responded to a variety of national emergencies to rescue animals and provide humanitarian aid. Most recently, they travelled together to the aftermath of the 2021 western Kentucky tornadoes and were able to rescue over 40 animals.

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