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American CPR Care Association offers nationally accepted and easy to understand infant, child, adult First Aid and CPR training online, AED training and bloodborne pathogens courses for communities, schools, workplaces, and healthcare providers. The organization training courses aim at promoting, preserving, and improving the health of individuals and communities. American CPR Care Association continuously monitors their course curriculum to make updates which keep up with the approved standards. The online institute informs the society about health-related issues and how to tackle them at the primary stage thus creating a healthier environment for communities.

Responding to a question on whether they’re nationally certified, the Academic Registrar said, “Our instructors are professionals trained by the American Heart Association (AHA), and our course curriculum follows the AHA guidelines. American CPR Care Association training meets and exceeds the nationally accepted requirements set by Emergency Cardiovascular (ECC) and OSHA. We offer quality courses as well as encourage our trainees to check with their organization, institution or employer to ensure that our courses fulfill any specific set of requirements. Our Organization offers additional information and comprehensive online certification courses.”

American CPR Care Association offers online CPR and First Aid courses which cover safety precautions shown through demos, visuals and examples. The first aid certification program is valid for two years. Understanding first aid certification is crucial in life skills. Such knowledge is of paramount importance when dealing with a range of health problems such as headaches or cuts arising within families, communities, schools or the workplace to more severe issues like seizures and allergic reactions.

On how long it takes to complete the classes, the Academic Instructor said, “Our professionally designed courses let you work at your own pace and schedule. The average completion time for our classes is one to two hours. The best part of the course is that you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting. You can log out and log back into the course at any time. Also, you will have unlimited access to the course material for 60 days from the date of purchase, and a small fee may apply to unlock the quiz after these 60 days according to our terms of service.”

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) dramatically increases the survival rates for Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims (SCA). The CPR involves giving the patient breaths and chest compressions which delivers critical blood flow and oxygen to the heart and brain. When offered for about three to five minutes of collapse, it will improve the victim’s survival chances by minimizing a permanent organ damage risk. The BLS for healthcare providers’ online classes covers courses in situation assessment, Automated External Defibrillation (AED), first aid and much more.

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American CPR Care Association team of instructors are highly qualified in their field of expertise thus providing the needed support for all student needs. The organization has the permission of the government organizations, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes to offer their training courses. The online CPR, AED training, first aid, and other courses are closely monitored to reflect the AHA and ECC 2015 standards.

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American CPR Care Association is outstanding in regards to providing online AED, CPR certification and Standard First Aid training for healthcare providers and lay-responders.

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