American Comics Market in the Sights of Brazilian Artist

The comics eBook Carrapicho the Cool Cangaceiro by Avalone to reach American readers.

Primarily available as print magazine in Brazil in the past and now on local digital comic platforms, the first volume of Carrapicho takes the road into new and promising places, landing in English on the American platform comiXology and on the Amazon.

Although being unknown to the whole American comic readers, Carrapicho is known to many Brazilian comics collectors and veterans fans. The character's comic magazine was published by Editora Noblet in 1987, with national distribution on newsstands. Previously, it was published by several Brazilian newspapers as comic strips.

Carrapicho is a cangaceiro. Cangaceiros were "social bandits" in some regions of Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th century. They were nomads roaming the region in search of what they considered justice. They fought against land owners and government soldiers. To some people they were heroes, to others were bandits. Bold as a cangaceiro should be, it is no surprise to see the funny Carrapicho speaking English and setting up camp in the competitive American comics market.

The first issue of this comedy comic book has 8 one-shot funny stories in 70 pages and is a collection from the ones previously published in print in the past. From the second number on, the stories will be all-new. Avalone has restored and digitized the old originals, giving to pages proper formatting for reading on digital devices such as computers, tablets and even smartphones.

With this additional step, Avalone tries to take again the production of his comics, interrupted for more than twenty years since he decided to do firstly editorial illustration and, later, short animation films.

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