American Association of Owner Operators to Adopt Domo's Modern Business Intelligence Platform

AAOO is the #1 association for owner operators. This move is going to launch AAOO even further ahead.

The American Association of Owner Operators (AAOO) announced today that they recently engaged Domo to begin utilizing their powerful, comprehensive business intelligence (BI) platform. Domo is globally recognized as an industry leader in ROI-focused technology, capable of helping organizations streamline the process of turning their data into insights and strategies.

AAOO has quickly become the fastest-growing trucking association in America over the last five years. They offer owner-operators access to benefits like fuel cards, roadside assistance, health insurance, authority & DOT setup, and more benefits at a heavily discounted rate. The primary goal of AAOO is to help their members make/save more money and to stay safe out there on the road.

With such rapid growth came a need to efficiently digest and analyze large quantities of data from across a wide range of marketing channels. AAOO is the first trucking association to utilize a BI platform as powerful as Domo.

"We're proud to work with the AAOO and help the organization take a new approach to data in this vital industry. With data and Domo, the AAOO can make decisions and take actions that best serve the needs of their members nationwide," said Carolynn Daskalakis, vice president of customer success, Domo.

"With our ever-increasing growth, we needed to find a way to make sense of our insights in a way that allows us to optimize our marketing efforts and to gain an even better understanding of our members' wants and needs. We chose DOMO to help us not only to vastly improve the speed at which we make sense of our data but to centralize that data into one platform. We believe Domo will help accelerate our growth as one of the industry's premier trucking associations." - David Huff, CEO of American Association of Owner Operators

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Source: American Association of Owner Operators


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