American Affairs Announces Publication of First Issue

New quarterly journal of public policy and political thought launched at event in New York.

The first issue of American Affairs, a new quarterly journal of public policy and political thought, was released yesterday at a launch event in New York City. The publication can also be found online at

American Affairs is edited by Julius Krein. Gladden Pappin is Deputy Editor, and James Poulos is Contributing Editor.

Contributors to the Spring 2017 issue include Joshua Mitchell, Gladden Pappin, Clyde Prestowitz, Reuven Brenner, Dov Zigler, David P. Goldman, Michael Anton, Julius Krein, and Adam Sandel.

The publication's advisory board is composed of Reuven Brenner, David P. Goldman, Yoram Hazony, Mark C. Henrie, Christopher Laconi, Michael Lind, Joshua Mitchell, and R. R. Reno.

American Affairs was founded to provide a forum for people who believe that the conventional partisan platforms are no longer relevant to the the most pressing challenges facing our country.

Each issue of American Affairs will explore topics in domestic and foreign policy, as well as broader debates in economic theory, political thought, and social criticism. We will feature established authors and new voices, from both the Right and the Left. Above all, contributors to this enterprise share a willingness to look beyond ossified ideological modes and a desire to offer more informed responses to perennial questions and immediate problems.

American Affairs is published by American Affairs Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit corporation formed under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. 

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​Julius Krein

Source: American Affairs Foundation Inc.

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