American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians Announces Its 2019 Scientific Congress Meeting

Back by popular demand, the AAOSCP Scientific Congress will meet again on May 3-5, 2019 in Miami.

The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians will be hosting another Scientific Congress, which will be held at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, Florida, on May 3-5, 2019. The conference will feature three days of educational and social events with leading physicians and pioneers in the fields of stem cell, live cell, and regenerative medicine.

The AAOSCP aims to serve as an educational resource for physicians, scientists, and the public in diseases that can be caused by physiological dysfunction that are ameliorable to medical treatment. The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians (AAOSCP) is an organization created to advance research and the development of therapeutics in regenerative medicine, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease related to or occurring within the human body.

The 2019 AAOSCP Scientific Congress will offer Meet, greet, and workshop with prominent doctors and scientists from around the world, then wine and dine in a fun, relaxing, and beautiful setting at the Mandarin Oriental overlooking Miami.

Attended by a global audience, the 2018 event featured researchers from the University of Miami who presented the latest research on stem cell applications.

The spokesperson for American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians, A.J. Farshchian, MD, stated: “The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians is solely committed to creating an educational platform based on solid foundational research. Our goal is to enhance the quality of medical practice and the continued education of physicians. Currently, we are the most research-oriented group representing academia, clinical researchers and physicians from around the world. Our goal is to make available to physicians the benefit of stem cell therapeutics, to share ideas and techniques, to make stem cells the standard of care in the near future, to obtain funding for scientifically sound and innovative research, to develop innovative and diagnostic tools based on scientific research, and to assist in funding and promotion of research-based cell therapies.”

AAOSCP hosted a who’s who of the most prolific minds in Science today. Two attendees, in particular, were: Dr. Ivonne Schulman of the University of Miami presenting at 2018 AAOSCP Summit. A leading researcher from the University of Miami, Dr. Ivonne Schulman, presented at the summit on the mechanisms underlying the cardiovascular regenerative capacity of stem cells. Her laboratory at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, is focused on the effect of circulating factors and aging on stem cell growth and differentiation, as it relates to cardiovascular health. Other University of Miami researchers presenting at the event included: Dr. Alfanso Sabater; Ian White, Ph.D., Lee Kaplan, MD; and Randy Miller, MD, among others.

And, Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, who performed the first retinal stem cell surgery in 2010, lectured on the use of stem cells for retinal regeneration. Dr. Weiss is the Principal Investigator of the Stem Cell Ophthalmology Treatment Study (SCOTS), a study evaluating the use of autologous bone marrow derived stem cells for the treatment of retinal and optic nerve damage or disease. He is also chairman of the Regenerative Ophthalmology Committee, as well as AAOSCP Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Scientific Committee.

The 2019 conference featured three days of educational events with leading physicians and pioneers in the fields of stem cells and regenerative medicine. At the event, attendees will meet, attend workshop, and networked with prominent doctors and scientists from around the world. In total, the summit showcased more than 40 world-class speakers who are leading practitioners and researchers in the fields of stem cell therapy and science.

For doctors,  this is an incredible opportunity to network, learn, and make connections while exploring new treatments and technologies.

For medical students and trainees, this is a valuable opportunity to connect with physicians. 

For everyone, this is a perfect opportunity to come to Miami and enjoy the Florida sun (while technically "working").

Tickets are selling fast, so register now.

Call us at (305) 866-8384 for more information or to register by phone.

Sponsorship and exhibition packages are available, but limited. Exhibitors will have ample time and access to attendees and presenters in a boutique environment.

For sponsorship information, please contact us as soon as possible at (305) 866-8384, or email us at

Source: The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians

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