'America First - The MAGA Manifesto' is Released

New Book Delivers a Rallying Cry for the 2018 Midterms to Ensure the Continuation of the MAGA Movement

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A transformative book outlining the next steps in President Trump’s vaunted MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement’s evolution has hit the internet today. Written by Pat and Kate Scopelliti, two full-time entrepreneurs with patriotic souls, “America First – The MAGA Manifesto” addresses today’s heightened fears, clarifies primary goals, and provides readers a clear, intellectually stimulating foundation of this historic and mounting crusade that has swept the nation and propelled the historic election in November 2016 of President Donald J. Trump. The key questions answered in the book which is directed at all Americans regardless of party affiliation include:

  • Why should we support this President? 
  • What exactly is the MAGA agenda? 
  • Why are so many Americans passionate about the MAGA movement?
  • What can we do to get MAGA candidates elected in the midterms? 

“‘America First: The MAGA Manifesto’ elevates the conversation and empowers us to help others understand why we believe in the President and why we welcome everyone to join us in putting America First,” said Pat Scopelliti. Follow Pat @ThyConsigliori

“The steps to achieve #MAGAVictory2018 are not complex. If not taken, however, America is in jeopardy from those who place their power and greed above that which is best for our nation and her citizens. If taken, victory on Nov. 6, 2018, will ensure America’s return to her former greatness and fulfill her destiny,” said Kate Scopelliti. Follow Kate @KateScopelliti

“America First: the MAGA Manifesto” has also been endorsed with a Foreword from Lt. Gen (R) Michael T. Flynn, one of the earliest supporters of the MAGA Movement, a close adviser to the Trump’s Presidential Campaign and his first national security adviser. 

“The midterm election is only a few months off. It’s time we put possible MAGA candidates through their paces, choose those we can strongly support and do whatever we can to get out the vote this November. Complacency is not an option. I urge you to read, absorb, embrace and share the contents of the following pages. It will empower you to take the actions required to especially fill the Halls of Congress, as well as other state and local offices, with MAGA-motivated men and women,” states Flynn.

The eBook is now available at this link:

“America First - The MAGA Manifesto: A Handbook for the 2018 Midterms and Beyond” Kindle Edition and in paperback at Amazon.com, soon.

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Pat Scopelliti

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