Ambronite Shakes Things Up With New Range Designed to Conquer Real Food Voids

Finnish nutrition pioneers reveal a green juice that tastes great, an affordable shake and a healthy snack bar, completing an arsenal of convenient superfoods


​​Ambronite, the only truly clean plant-based meal replacement brand today, announces a wave of new products designed for individuals craving healthy food options in under two minutes.

The launch marks the biggest shake-up since the company was crowd-funded in 2014 and is the culmination of implementing five years of insights from a burgeoning community of health-focused consumers.

The new products go on sale in the coming months and provide versatile and convenient access to dozens of superfoods in under two minutes, ideal for those craving smarter nutrition. From its inception, Ambronite vowed to never use artificial or synthetic ingredients or GMOs, unlike the vast majority of competitors.

Commenting on the release, co-founder Simo Suoheimo said, "Our relationship with food has been dangerously distorted by corporations and many of us are living a life that is unsustainable, for the individual and the planet. Our vision is to provide access to clean, plant-based, sustainable nutrition options 24/7. Most of us succumb to the stresses of modern life and compromise our nutrition as a result. We're a solution for professionals and health-conscious consumers who demand optimal nutrition in any circumstance."

Ambronite's new product range has been developed with experts and pioneers in the nutrition space to be part of a healthy lifestyle and help combat a range of health issues from alleviating gut problems and bloating to improving mood and reducing cravings.

"Misinformation continues to confuse consumers and today there are dozens of meal replacement brands claiming to be clean and healthy when, in fact, they are laced with cheap synthetic ingredients that fail to deliver on that promise, preservatives and downright harmful artificial ingredients linked to increased diabetes and cancer risk," continued Suoheimo. "Nature has always had the answers when it comes to optimal nutrition that the human body can actually benefit from. In the next decade, we'll see consumers shunning artificial 'fake foods.' We welcome this change and we're proud to lead the way."

Ambronite's customer base consists primarily of busy urban professionals who prioritize health and productivity equally, with many working in the technology sector. However, as consumer education on sustainability and nutrition continues to rise, there are growing numbers of customers from all walks of life, from fitness instructors, explorers and mountaineers to traveling DJs and musicians, who find themselves having to overcome real food voids in their daily life.

Introducing the New Range

Super Greens to Drink Daily: AmbroGreens

There's a myriad of super greens already on the market but Ambronite's research found that the majority don't taste great and, as a result, consumption is low. To truly change daily nutritional habits, Ambronite created a perfect blend of greens that tastes great and contains key superfoods like cranberry, spinach, spirulina, bilberry and sea buckthorn.

Affordable Ambronite: Balanced Meal Shake

Ambronite Balanced Meal Shake delivers a real food meal that is more affordable, gentle on the stomach and provides 20 grams of protein, plenty of fiber and food-based vitamins and minerals. Each meal is designed to quench hunger for four hours.

Raising the Bar: AmbroBite

The Ambronite community has been instrumental in guiding product development and a chewable bar that's truly clean was high on the list of requests. The bar, which contains classic Ambronite superfoods like oat protein, cranberries and strawberries, will be available in Autumn 2019. When in need of a chewable snack, the AmbroBite is a healthy alternative to junk food.

Commenting on the launch, CrossFit professional competitor and Ambronite user Andria Louka added, "My training is very demanding so top nutrition is essential to support optimal performance and recovery. Super greens are a convenient way to cover a broad set of nutritional needs, but most taste so bad it's hard to adopt into a daily routine. Unlike other green powders, AmbroGreens taste great and contain some of the world's most nutrient-dense greens such as wild, hand-foraged arctic bilberries and nutritionally unmatched microalgae spirulina and chlorella."

Ambronite launched in 2014 via Indiegogo as the platform's most successful crowdfunding round for a food brand and has since served customers in over 30 countries with positive customer feedback.

Ambronite's mission is to transform humans and the planet from surviving to thriving through a sustainable plant-based lifestyle. To find out more about Ambronite shakes, bars and juices, head to

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