Ambar Prajapati Releases Disruptive Study on AMQP Integration With NORM

The innovative mechanism brings together two transformative technologies in the IT space.

Messaging to Multicast

Research For You (RFY), a Memphis based research enthusiast group explores latest advances in technology. RFY announced the release of a ground-breaking study by the author and software engineer Ambar Prajapati on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) integration with the Negative ACKnowledgment (NACK) Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) Protocol-based framework. The novel study outlines a key mechanism for streaming dynamic contents from AMQP compliant systems, to NORM multicast senders, to a large group of recipients over an IP-based network. The study also marks the first time that the breakthrough has been covered in the form of historical, scientific literature.

AMQP-based messaging has revolutionized the integration domain, as the protocol has enabled messaging pipelines among non-compatible distributed systems. Encoded binary messages utilizing AMQP are transported among compliant processes via the AMQP broker, router, and client systems.

Reliable multicast has also had a transformative impact, in this case, on data transmission for simultaneous recipients over the generic IP Multicast framework. This is especially the case with the Negative ACKnowledgment (NACK) Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) transport protocol, which has enabled end-to-end bulk data transport with greater efficiency using forward error correction and selective NACK in reliable data transmission.

Prajapati conducted extensive research on an AMQP-NORM protocol merger, yet was unable to locate any work or studies discussing the integration. He then focused his efforts on developing a mechanism that, for the first time, integrates messaging with multicasting to build continuous data flow pipelines among AMQP and NORM-based systems. He demonstrated their integration using popular open implementations of the two protocols, RabbitMQ and NORM API, from the US Naval Research Laboratory. The mechanism is generic and is applicable to the networks seeking combined AMQP-NORM capabilities. Potential use cases of the merger include building high-performing IP networks that stream continuous or persistent data to a large number (even thousands) of simultaneous recipients, mobile or wireless endpoints, etc., from the backend integrated high-speed messaging pipelines.

Prajapati's study titled - Reliable Multicast of Dynamic Content Streams from AMQP to NORM Protocol-based Systems was presented at the IEEE 12th Annual Computing Communication Workshop and Conference (CCWC), where researchers from 42 countries met virtually in January 2022 in Las Vegas, USA. The study is now available online at

As a thought leader with over two decades of experience developing, executing engineering solutions for global enterprises across multiple industry domains in the USA and India, Prajapati has propelled research on messaging, multicast, sensor, and artificial intelligence technologies to the cutting edge. Many of his works are published in reputed publications such as IEEE Xplore and Elsevier.

Prajapati was a Gold winner in several categories for his engineering prowess in the world's premier Globee Awards 2020. He was featured for his startup in Asia's largest selling franchise magazine - The Franchising World and his business was ranked among the best small companies in India, where E&Y was the process advisor.

Prajapati has also spearheaded major government projects in India, such as the provisioning of Digitized Ration Cards for 2+ million Indian households, enabling them to buy subsidized food grains from the digitally transparent Indian public distribution system, and bringing digital provident fund - a government-managed retirement savings scheme to thousands of employees of an Indian Railways division.

Prajapati holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from Vikram University and a master's degree in Engineering from the University of Memphis. He is an active member of the Tau Beta Pi, SME and IEEE Associations. His industry certifications include Microsoft, Penn State, India's Quality Council, and National Stock Exchange, Mumbai. As a gifted academic, Prajapati was personally greeted by the Prime minister of India for his academic excellence during his school years.

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