Announces The Second Contest Along With The Results For Its First Travel Writing Contest which is a recently launched website has successfully conducted its first contest. It has announced its second contest along with the results for the first travel writing contest.

Las Vegas, Nevada - has announced the winners of the first travel writing contest., which is relatively a new website, is gaining popularity among people that love to travel and people that enjoy sharing their travel experience with others. This website aims to run regular travel writing contests and as part of their website objective, they have successfully conducted the first travel writing contest and the results have been announced.

Travel stories that received the prizes are:

1st Prize Angkor Wat Pilgrimage,
2nd Prize The Greatest Cab Driver in the World
3rd Prize is given to three stories - A Weekend in Sao Paulo, Human Trafficking For Dummies, An Outing With Maihara San has also announced its second travel writing contest. Participants can write any of their world travel experiences. Handsome cash prizes await the winners. First prize winner will get $500, second prize winner will get $150 and there are three third prizes and each third prize winner will get $50 each. For those who like writing about their travel experience, is a great way to earn money.

All the approved stories at will qualify to get a free magnet and this offer is just for a limited promotional period. Participants need not have to win the contest to get free magnet, the stories just need to be approved. Stories can be sent for the contest through email and they have to be sent to Participants are requested to send their mailing address so that the free magnet can be mailed to them.

Stories that have won the prizes can be accessed at All these stories are highly interesting and they share the personal experience of the writers. Diane Caldwell who won the first prize of $500.00 from her story says, "I encourage all of you to travel. Travel with your hearts and minds open. Travel and look. Travel and listen. We can learn so much from meeting and engaging with people of different backgrounds, different cultures, different beliefs. It doesn't take a lot of money. It only takes a willingness to move beyond your comfort zone. Expansion is always good. Travel."

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