Amati & Associates Consulting Analyzes Consumer Rituals to Achieve Business Success

A&A seeks to help large multinational and small and medium sized companies increase their relevance in a brand-fractured marketplace.

International business consulting firm Amati & Associates works with a range of local and multinational companies seeking to improve their growth and become more relevant in an increasingly brand-fractured marketplace.  By assisting both large corporations and small and medium-sized organizations with their business growth, A&A has developed a surprisingly enlightened core approach that combines ideas from traditional management consulting paradigms while also incorporating creative thinking and consumers into their strategic process.  Among their proprietary technique stands out a framework to understand consumer rituals and apply them to business practice.

Amati & Associates is well-practiced in guiding companies toward expansion business, with partners and associates based in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, London, Milan and Warsaw.  Some of their many projects include development of the international growth strategy for a top tequila brand; facilitating creative workshops to develop new business models for an electronics producer; defining growth paths for a specialty on-line B2B wholesaler; development of an international expansion plan for a retail chain; and development of a global positioning for a B2B2C brand.  A&A’s efforts include consulting engagements (ad-hoc answers to a customer’s question), Workshops (a full-day immersion to address an issue / or tap into an opportunity), co-creation sessions (full-day sessions with leading edge consumers and the customer’s management), and executive trainings (standard or ad-hoc trainings).

When you want to connect with a consumer on a more emotional and aspirational level, rituals can be very, very powerful.

Filiberto Amati, Founder and CEO of A&A

“Rituals are very powerful, first of all because they are repetitive behavior and therefore can be predicted, and makes them very actionable from a marketing & promotional point of view,” said Amati & Associates founder and CEO Filiberto Amati.  “Consumers love to learn rituals.  So when you have an educational program from a consumer point of view, to get them to change a habit, to buy a new brand, rituals are very helpful.  When you want to connect with a consumer on a more emotional and aspirational level, rituals can be very, very powerful.”

Amati & Associates founder Filiberto Amati is a renowned growth adviser, innovation catalyst, branding architect and international expansion consultant.  Building upon a nearly 15-year career he founded Amati & Associates in 2012.  Since 2007 Filiberto has been active in the Wines and Spirits industry, by working first for Gruppo Campari and then for ILLVA Saronno, which he joined as Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe, after managing part of the Caribbean market, the domestic and duty free Central American markets, the North American duty free market, as well as Canada and Mexico.  Prior to this experience he was in Amsterdam, where he worked as a consultant and freelance for Auberon – a boutique marketing innovation consulting.  In this period he was staffed on a number of projects for global companies (e.g., Phillips, Heineken, SS+K).  In between Auberon and Campari he spent six months as Sr. Director of End User Innovation in Philips Consumer Electronics.  In 2003 he earned his MBA at IESE business school in Barcelona.  He graduated in 1998 with honors with a Masters in Engineering and Management from University Federico II in Naples, Italy.  In 1999 the University Federico II awarded him with the Guido Dorso prize for his research in the field of southern Italy SME.  A native Italian speaker, he is also fluent in English, Spanish and French.  He is currently studying Polish and lives in Warsaw, Poland, with his wife and children.

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