Alyssa Milano Tells Die Weltwoche: Woody Allen Can Disappear; Hillary Clinton is Not a Leader of #MeToo

In a candid exchange with Amy Holmes for Switzerland's leading opinion weekly Die Weltwoche, actor and activist Alyssa Milano tells Holmes that 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is not a leader of the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and abuse:

"I don't think that she is a leader of the #MeToo movement."

When asked if Clinton should challenge President Trump in 2020, Milano bluntly answers:

• "I'd like to see a progressive with a brain and a heart." She adds, "I hope neither Secretary Clinton or Senator Sanders run again."

In Die Weltwoche's exclusive interview of Milano for a European audience, the star discusses the meaning and future of #MeToo, and the many men who stand accused.

On Oscar-winning director Woody Allen:

• "Woody Allen and Roman Polanski can disappear. Their careers should be done."

A year later, on Oscar winner Matt Damon's contention sexually abusive behavior is on a continuum:

• "I think Matt's probably a good guy who, like many men in this nation, were never taught better. He said something that I found harmful and dangerous." But, she adds, "I laughed like crazy when he played Kavanaugh. There's not bad blood there."

On Justice Brett Kavanaugh now sitting on the Supreme Court:

• "Yes. I feel rage. But I feel more resolve than ever. They gave us Kavanaugh. They're going to pay for that dearly in 2020."

On #MeToo accusations against the late former president George H.W. Bush:

• "I think to some degree we have to understand the time people came up in."

• "He's done some not great things. He's admitted to it. They were wrong. I don't think it should forever tarnish things for him."

On "Bay Watch" star Pamela Anderson claiming "third wave of feminism is a bore":

• "No. Not at all."

• "Feminism has not gone too far. It's not gone far enough, yet."

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