Alvin Malnik to Accept Friars Club Icon Award for Philanthropy

Al Malnik will be awarded the Friars Club Icon Award for Philanthropy for his countless endeavors in the philanthropic world. Alvin Malnik has contributed to many well deserving causes and affected great change for the community.

​​The Friars Club's Board of Governors has named Alvin Malnik to be the recipient of the Friars Club Icon Award for Philanthropy, which he will receive on June 20, 2016 in New York.

For the last twenty years, Alvin Malnik has contributed to a number of philanthropic causes. The most well known of these being the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where Mr. Malnik is a lifetime benefactor for all of the amazing wishes he has helped to turn into a reality. His son, Shareef is the gala chairman and an annual garden party is hosted by the family each year for the foundation.

On top of having compassion for children, Alvin Malnik has contributed his philanthropic principals to oncology research. This includes contributing to both the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and Mount Sinai Medical Center. Most notably is his contribution to the research of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) through the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the founding of the Al and Nancy Malnik AML Research Fund. Thanks to Mr. Malnik's support, researchers have been able to identify a new target in the disease. This discovery has led to significant progress in identifying a way to help children suffering from AML.

Over the years, Al Malnik's charitable giving has provided many suffering individuals with a new found sense of hope, as well as furthered the medical field tremendously. These incredible achievements are why Al continues to give back to his community and others.

The Friars Club is honored to be recognizing Al at their annual fundraiser for his accomplishments in the world of philanthropy. Also being recognized during the gala is Tony Bennett, who will receive the Friars Club Entertainment Icon Award. The fundraiser is a magnificent evening and is essential to supporting the many philanthropic endeavors the Friars Club supports.

The Icon Award for Philanthropy honors individuals, who have made amazing contributions to charitable causes and the humanities. The previous recipients of this award include, Ted Turner, Leonard Wilf, Leslie Moonves, John Catsimatidis and Carlos Slim. It is with great honor that Mr. Malnik accept the Friars Club Icon Award of Philanthropy and be added to the list of recipients.

About The Friars Club

The Friars Club began in 1904 and is a members-only club. The philanthropic arm, The Friars Foundation, is dedicated to improving our society through the arts. Over the last half-century, The Friars Foundation has produced events to benefit the most commendable of philanthropic causes. These causes include, caring for veterans, disadvantaged children, and senior citizens, providing scholarships in the arts and honoring companies that support our military families.

Source: Al Malnik