Alvaka Networks' COO/CISO Kevin B. McDonald to Present at 1903 Solutions' 8th Annual Technology Showcase

At their Annual Technology Showcase, 1903 Solutions is continuing an eight-year tradition of bringing together some of the best-of-the-best in technology. For this year’s event at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, 1903 has facilitated presentations by top practitioners and technologists from the fields of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to the future of data centers and the mysteries of the dark web.

“This promises to be a really engaging and fun event, with some edgy and exciting speakers and technology,” said Al Brunelle, president of 1903 Solutions. “We are very pleased with our lineup this year. I am confident our guests will enjoy the events while walking away with actionable information and maybe even some great new relationships.”  

We are very pleased with our lineup this year. I am confident our guests will enjoy the events while walking away with actionable information and maybe even some great new relationships.

Al Brunelle, President of 1903 Solutions

At the showcase, Alvaka Networks' COO/CISO Kevin B. McDonald will be presenting on the latest cyber threats and some things to consider that companies may have not. The 1903 Showcase organizers believe McDonald’s unique perspective on what companies are missing will surely get guests’ attention and significantly increase their odds of winning the fight.

Kevin McDonald is a prolific speaker and trainer with decades of real-world experience and a unique view of cybersecurity. Deeply immersed in the world of technology and security, McDonald believes cybersecurity is a critical front in American national defense. McDonald is a thought leader and mentor to many who are working to protect our livelihoods and critical infrastructure. He is the appointed Chairman of the Orange County Sheriff/Coroner’s Technology Advisory Council, a member of The Los Angeles chapter of FBI InfraGard, the High-Tech Crime Consortium, Orange County Homeland Security Advisory Council, and the DHS' Los Angeles Area Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Working Group. 

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