alva CEO and Founder Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela Is Honored in PRWeek's Dashboard 25 Class of 2022

Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, CEO and founder of stakeholder intelligence firm alva, is named as one of 2022's 25 most influential people in communications technology by PRWeek.

PRWeek launched its Dashboard 25 in 2020. It is a prestigious annual list of the primary movers, shakers and innovators in the communication tech space. It celebrates visionaries and risk-takers driving the PR industry forward, from media monitoring services, newswires, private equity, social media management, in-house client teams and PR agencies. 

Entrepreneur Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela founded alva in 2010 - a stakeholder intelligence firm that combines AI with sector analysts to provide public companies with an intelligence solution that encompasses ESG, risk, reputation and media profiles. The platform uses natural language processing to analyze millions of pieces of content daily from over 500,000 publications across 100 languages and 150 countries. 

Alberto is also the author of The Connecting Leader. The book examines how corporate leaders connect businesses with society, especially in this age of hyper-transparency, interconnectivity and media anarchy. 

Thanks to Alberto's vision of Stakeholder Intelligence and its potential value to the communications sector, alva helps more than 100 blue-chip companies directly and via partnerships with strategic consultancy firms. Stakeholder Intelligence informs the way these companies communicate and deliver more sustainable success.

Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela commented: "I am deeply honored to feature in the prestigious PRWeek Dashboard 25. It is a privilege to stand beside the other honorees on the list.

"I believe that 2022 will be a game-changing year, not just for alva but for the whole communications technology space. The relationship between business and society is changing rapidly. Business is expected to do more than generate profit - it must be a force for good. That means the communications challenges for business are also transforming. This is being driven by stakeholders, whose impact spells the difference between success and failure. Business can no longer simply broadcast communications to its audiences - it needs to engage with empathy, be authentic, and be transparent. 

"Our technology and platform enable us to deliver the most up-to-date and accurate insights for companies, and we believe this will be a real growth year for alva as more firms see the importance and value of this crucial information when it comes to enhancing and protecting their reputations."

alva is now in the process of expanding its offerings. In July 2021, the company announced a new partnership with Ballast Research and Hamilton Place Strategies, which will generate an integrated business intelligence platform and consulting services that combine primary research, reputational findings, advisory services and monitoring capabilities. 

alva has also won recognition from the Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards and the AI & Machine Learning Awards in 2021 for its technology.


Matt Cartmell

Carta Communications


Source: alva