Altvia Redefines the Investor Experience

Private Capital Market's software provider, Altvia Solutions, upgrades products Correspond Investor Edition and ShareSecure to enable a seamless Investor Experience.

Altvia’s product suite is designed specifically for private capital firms to manage data, enable communication, and build relationships throughout the investor lifecycle with technology.

For over a decade, Altvia has witnessed the evolution of the alternative asset industry while working with hundreds of fund managers, investor relations teams, and partners. As competition rises for both capital and deals, Altvia identified the need to improve GP-LP communications and provide firms with enhanced, integrated communications tools.

Altvia Correspond Investor Edition closes the gap between your CRM and your back office. The upgrade simplifies generating personalized documents and sending email communications throughout the entire investor lifecycle including capital call notices, K1s, and more. Improved audit functionality and more flexibility to track and send documents by email or through a portal give peace of mind when communicating with key stakeholders. 

The Correspond Investor Edition upgrade was timed to coincide with the ShareSecure user interface refresh. ShareSecure, Altvia’s data room and LP Portal, securely facilitates the distribution of documents generated with Correspond Investor Edition. 

ShareSecure has been completely updated for a modern look, easy navigation, and all-around better user experience. 

“Correspond Investor Edition integrates seamlessly with AIM and ShareSecure boosting productivity, improving data integrity, and ensuring security,” said Kevin Kelly, founder and CEO of Altvia. “The combination of these products enables private equity firms to leverage better insights from their data, strengthen existing relationships, and stack the deal pipeline.”

Altvia is excited about these developments and looks forward to driving more innovation to the investor experience.

About Altvia

Altvia translates data into intelligence so you can unleash the power of your relationships. As the premier platform for Private Equity built on top of Salesforce, Altvia combines future-focused technology with proven processes to fundamentally improve the communication and relationship between GPs, LPs, and Portfolio Companies. Founded in 2006 and powering top tier firms around the globe, Altvia serves clients on six continents and continues to expand operations. Learn more at

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