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Social Distancing Safety Barrier

Flex-Safe USA is proud to announce the newest addition to their product line, the Flex-Safe Social Distancing Safety Barrier.

With new variants of the Coronavirus emerging, it is becoming more and more clear that we may never be able to be rid of the virus completely. One of the more effective strategies to prevent the spread of the virus is the use of social distancing.

The use of stickers on floors and laminated signs on walls can be hard to find or read, and easy to ignore. The Flex-Safe Social Distancing Safety Barrier is none of these things. The barrier is strikingly easy to read, hard to ignore, and most importantly - illustrates the actual length of a six-foot distance.

The Flex-Safe Social Distancing Safety Barrier is a bright, high-visibility yellow with a durable finish that is easily seen in a variety of indoor or outdoor venues, both day and night. One light-weight unit is only 14 pounds and can be set up by one person in under 30 seconds. The barrier is free-standing and can easily be moved easily and quickly, while still sturdy enough to withstand outdoor weather elements.

All Flex-Safe USA products are made in America using parts and services from United States based suppliers. Flex-Safe USA was founded to help fulfill the need for adequate worksite safety and protection in environments such as construction, utilities and landscaping, traffic control, maintenance, and incident management.

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