Alpine Security Launches Live Online, Instructor-Led Cybersecurity Training

Students can now take Alpine Security's live instructor-led cybersecurity boot camps & hands-on technical courses from virtually anywhere.

Live Online Courses Can Be Taken from Virtually Anwhere

Alpine Security's Live Online system offers an effective and proven online learning experience providing the freedom to attend their cybersecurity training from virtually anywhere.  The Live Online platform reliably delivers their live instructor-Led training experience directly to attendees anywhere (home, work, vacation, etc.).

Similar to their In-Person training, attendees using the Live Online system have a real-time, live instructor experience. The live instructor teaches the course and provides the opportunity for online attendees to participate in discussions and exercises with both in-person and remote attendees.  Alpine Security's Live Online system provides a fun, rich, and engaging live classroom environment that allows attendees to easily interact with instructors and fellow attendees.

Our Live Online system extends our highly rated cybersecurity training to people virtually anywhere. We are excited to now offer our courses to the world.

Christian Espinosa, CEO

Many of Alpine Security's cybersecurity courses involve hands-on activities and labs. These activities are performed in the Live Online system via a secure cloud-accessible environment. This could-based environment allows remote students to follow along in real-time with labs in the same manner as local, in-person students. Most lab materials are also available outside of class times so attendees can continue to study and learn at times that work with their schedule. Alpine Security is an EC-Council Accredited Training Center (ATC). Their EC-Council courses offer cloud-based iLabs subscriptions available 24x7 for students up to 6 months after the start of a course.

Alpine Security's Training Schedule has been updated to reflect courses available for Live Online Delivery.

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