AlphaDogs Post Production Examines One Of the Youngest Hate Crime Victims In Modern History

AlphaDogs Post conforms two versions of the docufilm "Two Spirits" that examines one of youngest hate crime victims in modern history and asks the question "Why are people killed for being who they are?"

Burbank, CA- Burbank based AlphaDogs Post is pleased to announce the completion of Two Spirits, a documentary that will air nationally on PBS as part of the Independent Lens Series in June of 2011. Produced by filmmakers, Lydia Nibley and Russell Martin, the film asks the question "Why are people killed for being who they are?" as the film examines the life of Fred Martinez, one of the youngest hate-crime victims in modern history who lost his life at the age of 16 in Cortez, Colorado.

AlphaDogs Post was responsible for conforming two versions of the docufilm, DVD authoring and creating graphics. Two versions of the film were needed due to time duration for broadcast spec. This required a cut down from the original longer version and extensive revisions in the end credits. True to AlphaDogs fashion, Finishing Editor Sean Stack found an efficient and cost effective solution that worked for both PBS and the Director, Lydia Nibley.
VP of Design, Sean Williams created design elements for bonus materials for the DVD. "It's been an amazing experience to collaborate with such a great team on this film," said director Lydia Nibley. "Everyone contributed solid creative and technical work, and also their passion for a human rights story that has the potential to do some real good in the world." Nibley continues. "We choose AlphaDogs Post because of their extensive credits and the way the entire staff gets behind a project. I look forward to bringing them another film-I'm a life-long client."

Two Spirits follows the life of Fred Martinez, a teenage Navajo boy who was a nadleehi- someone who possesses a balance of masculine and feminine traits. Viewed as a special gift in the traditional Navajo culture but rejected in mainstream society, this unique gift costs Fred his life. Shockingly, the young man who committed this brutal murder boasted about his crime after bludgeoning his victim to death with rocks and leaving him for dead. Martinez's body was not discovered until days later. Two Spirits examines the hate and discrimination the LGBT community continues to face and its challenge to overcome societal misconceptions.

"Two Spirits is a complex and nuanced film about a boy who was also a girl," explains producer Russell Martin. "It was great to work with everyone at AlphaDogs and with colleagues in the film community who support the film's essential message that gender exists across a spectrum, something many Native societies have known for centuries."

Director of photography David A. Armstrong shot Two Spirits between Saw films. He began his career in documentary and has served as the principal cinematographer for more than a dozen feature films. Editor Darrin Navarro edited "Bug" for famed director William Friedkin as well as many other films. Supervising sound editor and sound designer Ron Eng's credits include Coraline, Lakeview Terrace, and Mulholland Drive.

Two Spirits is directed by Lydia Nibley and produced by Russell Martin and Lydia Nibley. The film is a co-production of Say Yes Quickly, Riding the Tiger, and Academy Award-nominated Henry Ansbacher and Just Media. Two Spirits is currently screening at film festivals around the world and airing on PBS this month. The consumer DVD available for purchase at