Alpha Genesis Monkeys Receive Royal Treatment Throughout Hurricane Dorian

Alpha Genesis Rhesus Monkeys

Staff at the Alpha Genesis Primate Center in Yemassee, South Carolina, prepared delicious "monkey treats" for their primate friends prior to the arrival of Hurricane Dorian. The primates who roam throughout "Simian City" calmly went about their monkey business well-cared for in heavily reinforced habitats in preparation for the storm, which hit the Carolinas hard and made landfall along the Eastern Seaboard last week.

In total, the facility brought thousands of monkeys to the shelters well before the storm arrived. The process is well-planned and well-coordinated — with dedicated staff members working round-the-clock for over a week to evaluate each enclosure in order to maximize comfort and well-being for the animals during the powerful storm.

More than half-a-million people evacuated their homes prior to the storm, but at Alpha Genesis, animals need extra help staying safe, and they receive this help due to the heart-warming efforts of their monkey-loving caretakers.​

Storm preparations begin each spring at the primate center which houses over 6,000 animals at any one time. That’s when the center conducts a series of site inspections to identify potential risks (such as loose items that could be blown through the air) and high-priority repairs that are made well before the onset of hurricane season. Company executives meet with department heads to review and fine-tune emergency plans. “The key to a successful outcome is advanced preparation and to make the health and safety of the monkeys and their human caretakers the highest possible priority. No expense is spared. We take our obligations for the well-being, safety, and comfort of all very seriously," said Dr. Greg Westergaard, Alpha Genesis President and CEO.

"The Alpha Genesis staff are highly dedicated, highly compassionate people who love animals and who volunteer to work through extremely hazardous conditions to keep the monkeys safe,” explained Westergaard. Staff essential to caring for the monkeys remain at the facility 24 hours per day prior to, throughout, and well after the storm to watch over the animals. Westergaard adds, "I remain on site as well. I would not have it any other way. 

"I am extremely proud of our people and am most impressed with how they respond to these types of situations. Hurricanes present special challenges for us that require a highly choreographed and caring response." As for the outcome, Westergaard added, "I am extremely pleased to state that our preparations were a great success, that the staff performed their duties in exemplary fashion, and that all the monkeys were kept safe and sound throughout the entire process.”

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